The New Clinic

Like & ShareFacebookTwitteremailGoogle+DiggLinkedinPinterestTumblrStumbleUponPrintThe New Clinic  “A new doctor is opening his clinic in our neighbourhood,” says Rocky.  “Yes, mom told me about it,” adds Jennifer. “I wonder what he looks like,” dreams Lindsay. “I’m sure he will have a strict… Continue Reading


A Musical Birthday

Music - Drums

Like & ShareFacebookTwitteremailGoogle+DiggLinkedinPinterestTumblrStumbleUponPrintA Musical Birthday Value-Based Story for Children – Appreciation Jenny and Melissa are playing badminton in the park. Rocky and Jason are having a game of football. Lindsay is busy finishing her homework. Suddenly Melissa announces, “Hey guys!… Continue Reading


A Special Father’s Day

Fathers Day!

Like & ShareFacebookTwitteremailGoogle+DiggLinkedinPinterestTumblrStumbleUponPrintA Special Father’s Day Value-Based Children’s Story – Overcoming Rocky, Melissa, Lindsay, Jason, and Jennifer are very excited. “Guys, Father’s Day is very near. What have you decided to do to make the day special for our dads?”… Continue Reading


Granny and the Children

The value of Caring

Like & ShareFacebookTwitteremailGoogle+DiggLinkedinPinterestTumblrStumbleUponPrintGranny and the Children Value-Based Children’s Story – Importance of Caring Rocky, Melissa, Lindsay, Jason and Jennifer are good friends. They live in a small town. It is their summer break and they want to make some plans… Continue Reading