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About Us – Writershideout.net

Writershideout.net is a creative writing website that celebrates all forms of creativity through the written word. It is a platform that bridges the gap between those who like to write to express themselves and those who enjoy spending quality time reading and learning from others’ experiences.

We welcome you on board!

OUR STORY – Network of Creative Writers

Launched way back in 2007 by two budding creative writers who love to pen down their life’s experiences and remembrances, the website was started with the hope to create a strong network of writers who can inspire others with their writing. 

As the name suggests, WritersHideout.net is a space or a hideout for those who love to express theirs thoughts, views and experiences through the written word!

The website presents myriad shades of Creative Writing such as Short Stories, Stories for Children, Poetry, Musings, Adventure, Inspirational & Motivational Stories, Spiritual Writing, humour and other forms of writing. 


It is our vision to motivate you to put your thoughts down on paper and express your creativity through the written word – one of the finest ways to create and bring out your identity.


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