Cheeta as a Pet

Cheeta As a Pet      

Granny! Please don’t feed that cat! I am bit allergic to it., I plead. Ha! Ha! Aren’t you scared of cats! Paper tiger!, granny teases me. I try to smile in vain. Wipe that sweat off your face! Never give in to unwanted fear!, she speaks gently. Do you know, when I was of your age, I used to play with a cheetah!. This makes me laughing.

Don’t laugh! This is a fact. My father was a forest officer in a Himalayan kingdom.

Once he went on a hunting expedition with royals. There he found a small cub whose parents were probably killed by some other hunters, Then, did he send it away to a zoo, I ask My goodness! In those days, we hardly had anything called zoo or wild life sanctuaries. So, my father took it as a gift to a local rajah who asked him to rear it on state expenses, granny laughs

We named it Himmat and it soon became member of our family. What did it eat! You are a staunch vegetarian so it must have survived on vegetables, I tease Very smart! Those were golden days. Since Rajah sahib was willing to take responsibility, we didn’t have to worry, she smiles Did it ever try to hurt you, I ask

That’s why! I always ask you to concentrate on your studies. A cheetah is a shy animal. It’s very rare when it attacks a human being! In past, it was part of a hunting expedition where it acted as a guard against bigger animals such as elephants . My father kept it in chains so it was never a threat. She reasons You mean to say, you were never scared of it ! I still persist Kid! Have you ever met a man who slaps you without any reason or a woman who shouts at you, she questions – Why shall some one act that way, I am miffed

Then, why would animal ever attack human beings. It is only when we try to hurt them, they reciprocate ,otherwise, animals are far gentle than human race! She laughs heartily What happened to Himmat, I ask He was later sent to Rajah sahib. Alas, it later died in a hunter expedition. Some wild elephant crushed it under its feet, Granny takes a heavy sigh!

Contributing Story Teller: Ashish Dimri ashishdimri1@gmail.com

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