Our Faithful Servant & The Con Artist

Our Faithful Servant & The Con Artist     

This incident took place when I lived in the Tollygunge area of Calcutta, back in my school days. The new Kolkata has changed quite a bit – so I have come to know through friends and relatives there. In those days, Calcutta was quite peaceful and incident free. One afternoon, while we were all resting, our faithful servant Bharat was about to go and rest in his room in the outhouse. The main door to our house was locked from the inside but another small door at the side of the house was slightly ajar. This door was mostly used by our servants.

Bharat was about to go out the door when it opened wide and a well dressed young woman came inside and started climbing the stairs to the first floor saying she had come to meet the ladies of the house. She claimed to have some special cosmetics that she wanted to show us. Bharat got suspicious of this young woman and waited downstairs so he could lock the small door from the outside when the woman left. The woman sat in our sitting room chatting easily with all of us and showed us the cosmetics from her bag.

My sister went to try one of the cosmetic items in her room and the lady asked me to get her a glass of water to drink. I left her there while I went to the kitchen to get her a glass of water. After trying out the product, my sister came back to inform the lady that she did not like it. On hearing this, the young lady quickly kept the item back in her bag and began to go downstairs. She had reached the last step when Bharat came forward and asked her to open her bag so that he could check what was inside. The lady got very angry, refused to show the contents of her bag and started to go out the small door.

The adamant Bharat snatched her bag and opened it forcefully. To his utter disbelief, the bag contained quite a few of our priceless decoration pieces of brass, silver etc along with a few of her own cosmetics. He realised that the con woman must have stolen all these valuable items while she was alone in the room for a few minutes. Bharat caught hold of her arm and shouted for us to come and see what had happened. We were both shocked and angry and threatened to call the police. The woman begged us to let her go assuring us that she would never steal again. Bharat let her go after giving her a piece of his mind.

She ran with her now nearly empty bag as fast as her feet could carry her. We thanked Bharat for his presence of mind and went upstairs to let our mom know what had occurred.

We realised that day that it is almost impossible to find such a faithful helper and if you do have such a person, you must treasure them.

 Contributing Story Teller: Latika

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