The River’s Booty

The River’s Booty

Samson was the son of a middle class family. He led a secluded life because he and his parents lived out of town in

Samson goes fishing

The River’s Booty – Samson goes Fishing

a small hamlet. His father John was a carpenter and his mother Sylvia was a dressmaker.

They earned a modest income which barely helped them to make both ends meet. Samson loved the outdoors and fishing. He caught fresh fish in the river and sold them in the small town nearby.

Everyday, before going to school and after coming back home, he sat patiently with his fishing rod. Sometimes, his mother Sylvia would make fish for dinner and praise Samson for catching such fresh fish. Samson enjoyed his work of fishing, selling them and helping his parents. Sometimes he made lots of extra money which his mother let him keep as pocket money.

One day, while Samson sat with his fishing rod waiting patiently for a special catch, he found something floating in the river. He dived in and took out a small box of metal with a lock on it. He shook it and could hear something jingling inside. Samson ran back to his house with the box and his fishing rod. His father helped him open the box inside which were some gold jewellery and coins. A letter was also tucked in a corner.

The note read in faded italics – ‘Whosoever finds this box, the contents will belong to him or her. They can do whatever they want with it, spend it in any way they like. All these jewels belonged to my dear wife Suzanne and now that she is no longer with me, I do not want to keep them with me.’ The date on the note was thirty years back and at the end of the note was signed Sylvester.

Samson was delighted with his find and gave the jewellery to his mom and the coins to his dad. John gave one of the coins to his son as a keepsake and Sylvia kept half of the jewels for herself and the other half for her future daughter in law. John sold one of the coins at a far off township which had a large gold and silver shop. The money thus fetched helped him repair his house, buy a few essentials for his family’s needs and donate some money to the church fund. Before keeping the money and jewels, John had consulted father Jeffery from the village church and had taken his permission and blessings to keep the contents of the box. John and Sylvia were initially worried that Samson might become greedy but now their fears had disappeared.

Samson continued fishing in the river and life went on as usual.

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