A Terrible Accident

A Terrible Accident 

Once I was travelling to Agra from Delhi by car along with my father, elder sister and a niece. Our trusted driver of many a few years was at the wheel. All three were sitting at the back while I was sandwiched between Lakhan the servant and Shankar our driver.

We were travelling at a leisurely pace since father did not approve of fast driving. We were chatting and sometimes singing to pass the time. Lakhan was supplying cheese, egg and chicken sandwiches from time to time while we drank tea and juice from flasks.

It was around 3 pm and we had become a bit drowsy. Our car was moving at the same maintained speed. Another car was in front of us at a similar speed. Suddenly I saw a truck coming at great speed from the opposite side. It seemed to come from nowhere. The driver was confident that there was enough space for it to pass both the cars. Unfortunately, the truck veered dangerously and hit the car in front of us very badly. The car turned upside down by the sudden impact and the truck fell into the ditch.

There were shrieks of fear and agony, blood and splintered glass was strewn across the road. We were stunned at this sight and quickly my father, servant and driver got down to help. Seeing so much blood, my neice fainted and my sister became tearful.

The first thought to enter my head was to leave the car and go and help my father who was trying to wrench open the door of the car which had turned turtle. I helped pull out an elderly lady who was more shocked than hurt. The driver of the car and the man sitting with him were very badly hurt with broken bones, cuts and bruises. Blood was oozing out of the cuts and grazes and we used all the water we had in thermos flasks in the car. We gave first aid to the accident victims and called for an ambulance.

The truck driver was badly injured with fractures all over his body. We waited till the ambulance and police arrived after which we went on our way. We couldn’t help thinking that it might easily have been our car which was hit by the truck and we thanked God who had saved us and prayed for the victims of the terrible accident.

Contributing Story Teller: Amrita

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