The Nightmare

The Nightmare

The breeze was cool and the clouds were gathering in the sky…Cherrie came out of her home to take a breathe of fresh air…The beach in front of her home was so mesmerizing that she came out and started walking in the sand and enjoying the nature. The water from the sea was touching her feet and she felt as though the waves were inviting her into the sea, with sand slipping beneath her feet.

Suddenly she felt something touched her feet and she looked down to see what it was…she saw a bottle with a paper in it. Something was scribbled on that paper and at very great difficulty she managed to read the paper. It read “Life in danger! Please save “. She was totally puzzled by that piece of paper but had no other way except ignoring that as there was no one around and she continued her stroll.

As the time passed it became darker and it started drizzling. As she was about to go back to her home she heard a loud noise behind her and when she looked back everything around her had become completely dark. She couldn’t see anything and she fainted .She never knew what had happened there.

The city was on an alarm…many people were missing from the city. Cherrie was a reporter. And she was assigned the job to get a clue regarding the mystery behind this. Cherrie worked day and night so that she could get any clue but whatever stuff she got it was totally irrelevant. Nothing seemed to work out . Her boss Mr. Jack was an irate person and he used to fire at her daily. The count of missing people increased day by day…one, two, three and so on…The pressure increased on Cherrie too as she was rated inefficient for not finding the appropriate information on the case.

The days were dull and hectic. So one day Cherrie planned to go to her friend Lizy’s place so that she can relax for sometime and get relieved from this tension. After her office hours, Cherrie rang her friend and informed that she would be coming to her home that night. Lizy prepared the food and they had their dinner.

The food was delicious and Cherrie, being a food lover, ate a little more than usual. She thought a walk down the road after a heavy meal could give her a better sleep and she asked Lizy whether she would accompany her but Lizy was unwilling as she was tired. So Cherrie was out on the street alone. It was around 8:30 P.M at that time.

Two hours later, Lizy who was fast asleep got up and was shocked to see that the main door was still open. She checked for Cherrie in the other rooms but couldn’t find her anywhere. Cherrie’s absence in home at that time made Lizy much tensed. She came out of the house searching for Cherrie at every possible place and then she saw that some one lying in front of a house. She was horrified as she took a close glance. The person was none other but Cherrie lying in very bad position with stains of blood on her face. She brought Cherrie home with a great difficulty.

The next day when Cherrie woke up Lizy was looking much worried. Unaware of the previous night incident, Cherrie greeted her. But there was no reply. Cherrie wanted to know the reason behind Lizy’s silence and as she approached Lizy, she saw the newspaper in Lizy’s hand. When asked, Lizy said that one of her neighbors, Ms. Sarah was missing and her house was the same one, in front of which she was found. Cherrie was very much astonished and was taken aback when Lizy asked her what she was doing there at that point of time. She couldn’t recollect anything what happened the previous night.

As the days passed Lizy started observing some changes in Cherrie’s behaviour. She started behaving abnormally at the work place and with her friends. She started isolating herself from the public life. The pressure kept mounting on her each day and one day she finally collapsed in the office in front of everyone. Lizy, who was very much concerned about Cherrie, rushed her to the hospital. Hospital staff declared that she was just suffering from hypertension due to excess work but Lizy wouldn’t agree to that.

Lizy suspected there was something black in the pulse. She guessed that there was a strange link between the people missing and Cherrie after that incident at her home.

One night Cherrie was just walking on the beach and again the same thing happened and a bottle with a paper touched her feet. She picked up the bottle and started reading that paper. As she was keenly looking at the bottle she recollected the same incident that happened a few days ago. This time she couldn’t ignore this issue, and went back to her home immediately .She rang up Lizy and told her the entire story that took place on that day.

The next day Lizy took Cherrie to a tarot reader Ms. Kia. Though Cherrie never believed in that, she had no other way because she was completely depressed.  Ms. Kia then put the cards and did something which Cherrie never understood. She said, though Cherrie’s life is in danger but everything would go smooth and there is nothing to worry. She then revealed that Cherrie was behind the mystery of missing people but that was not a deliberate attempt. Cherrie was under a state where some people in a distant island cast a spell of black magic on her when she went there for some task assigned to her.

And she was taking the people to their island and after the next 15 days even she would have to surrender for human sacrifice together with all the people. Cherrie was perplexed for a moment hearing all this and this was a bit scary too. Ms. Kia then said to Cherrie, “this time you will come along with me and as I am a tarot reader they cannot harm me in anyway”. So they planned the things and according to the plan this time Cherrie had to pretend as if she was under Trans though she was in her full senses.

The next day they took of to that island. As they moved closer to that island the place got scary and Cherrie was trembling with fear. But the tarot reader was a bold lady and assured her that everything would be alright. As they approached the island Cherrie’s heart started throbbing fast and finally they reached the island. There were many people who were chained and the natives of that island were treating them very harsh. The tarot reader asked Cherrie to leave the place, leaving her there and to bring in the cops immediately to stop this insane activity. Cherrie was very much worried about her but Ms.Kia assured that nothing is going to harm her over there. So Cherrie left the place immediately. As soon as Cherrie reached her place, she rang up to the police and informed them regarding the missing people. The police took a huge force and went along with Cherrie to that island.

After a long struggle in the island, they finally could free themselves and the other people from the clutches of those insane people. The police arrested them and with a huge security everyone was safely brought to their place. Cherrie was very grateful to the tarot lady for her help and the courageous attempt she made. And she thanked her friend, Lizy too for relieving her from this hell. And she went back to her home. That night she went into a slumber with peace of mind.

The bell rang …and Cherrie suddenly opened her eyes and what did she see??? It was her mother who woke her up from a very deep sleep and the bell was her alarm. Cherrie then looked around and realized that this was a nightmare and thanked God that it was not reality. Then she got up and walked out of her room with her mother.

Contributing Story Teller: Swathi Appaji

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