The Three Friends

The Three Friends     

Tom, Julian and Dan were fast friends. They went to the same school and were neighbors too. One day, they decided to go for a walk near the river side. They took Dan’s red ball to play with. They played for a long time. When they got tired, they sat down at the river’s edge to rest. They watched river boats go to and fro. “I want to go on a boat one day to the other side of the river,” said Julian. “We will go with you. I will borrow my dad’s fishing rod,” said the other two.

They played for some more time then sat down under the shade of a big tree to rest. “I am hungry Tom. Did you get something to eat?” asked his two friends. “Well Martha made me a few sandwiches. Didn’t you guys get any grub?” “Sure I have chocolate cake my mom made yesterday and some lemonade.” spoke Julian. “I only had time to grab some grapes and oranges,” Dan laughed.

The boys had just taken their first bite, when they heard a sobbing sound coming from the other side of some bushes. Dan ran towards the sound to see who it was. “Hey look! Who is here,” he exclaimed with surprise. Julian went to him and saw a boy of about ten. He was in rags and his eyes were full of tears. “What’s happened to you,” questioned Tom, joining his friends. “What’s your name?” asked Dan.

“My name is Sam. I live with my mom on the other side of the river. I asked a boatman to give me a lift to this side of the river. I have come in search of work. My mom is sick and we have nothing to eat. I want to earn some money and give my mom food and medicines.” said the boy in a sad voice. “Did no one give you a job that side of the river,” asked Julian with surprise.

“The people who live there are very stuck up and don’t care for anyone. Most of them are rich folks with big houses. My mom used to work as a companion to one of the rich old ladies, but she has not been keeping well, so had to give up her job. No one was willing to help me, so I thought I should try to get some work this side of the river,” spoke the boy wiping his eyes.

“Here, take this food and lemonade and eat it while we tell you what to do”, spoke Tom. The boy gobbled the sandwiches in no time, drinking the lemonade thirstily. It seemed he had not eaten proper food for quite some time.

“Well, you can help my dad doing odd jobs in the garage,” said Dan. “My brother needs someone to help in the garden. He is a gardener and has his own farm near by,” spoke Julian excitedly.
“My dad has a grocery store. He will appreciate some help I’m sure,” said Tom.
“Thank you for your food. Can I start work from today?” asked the boy enthusiastically.
“Well come with us and we will see what we can do,” chorused the friends.

When each of the friends talked to their dads, it was decided that Sam would help all three families one week at a time and would get his wages at the end of each week. He started work at Dan’s father’s garage from that day. His new employer gave him some advance with which Sam bought some food and medicines for his mother. He thanked all the three friends and promising to come the next day went back to the other side of the river with the same boatman who had brought him. He was promised a lift by the kind old boatman and Sam being a good boy helped the boatman clean his boat every day.

Thus the days passed happily for everyone around.

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