Torn to Pieces

Torn to Pieces

I woke up in a cold sweat.”Oh!” I exclaimed, it had been a nightmare, but the effect it had on me was surreal. My mind had conjured up an image of the very event I dreaded the most, I had dreamed that the woman i had come to love so deeply in the past 8 years, my soul-mate, my companion, my only hope, had left me for another, better place, at the side of god. I had seen two angels coming down from the heavens and taking each of her arms in their serene hands and taking her away from me while I could do nothing but stare at her with eyes that gradually lost their light; and that is when I woke up.

With frantic urgency I started looking for her, dreading the worst and then, only as I entered the kitchen could I breathe again. There she was, her fair skin glowing in the sunlight, her eyes, made ethereal by their glow, lighted up even more as she saw me.

“Nicholas!” She called my name with her sweet voice that reminded me of the chirp of a nightingale. “I have made breakfast, honey, your favorite, cheese omelet.” But without even a glance at the food, I went up to her and took her in my arms. “Honey, what’s wrong?” She said, worry creasing her brow. “Nothing is wrong my dear Victoria, I just realized the extent to which I love you. My existence is centered around you and I cannot let you go.”

“It’s just for today dear; I’ll be back tomorrow before you know it.” She consoled me. Victoria was going to the neighboring city to meet her parents and even though the trip was short, I was having evil forebodings.

We finished eating breakfast and she was about to leave. I took her in my arms once more and bade her farewell. The rest of the day went by in an apparent haze. Being away from her did not suit me well. I went to work and came back but the passing of time left no imprint on my brain. As if but a second had passed since she had left, I was in bed again.

This time the dream was a lot more vivid. I saw Victoria, driving the car, her parents sitting in the backseat. The digital clock on the dashboard read 12:00. At that second, a car on the opposite side of the road went out of control and hit her car and she went off the narrow bridge into the plummeting river, into the darkness. I woke up, drenched with sweat and glanced at the clock on my bedside table. It was 11:00. I hurried to my car and drove with a manic frenzy. I reached the bridge just in the nick of time. But it was too late before my mind registered what was happening.

One of my tires gave out and my car spun out of control. It careened to the right and I saw her angelic face in the driver’s seat of the car I was about to bash into. It was exactly like the dream.
I hit her car and she went over the bridge. My body was bruised but the pain I felt in my heart overwhelmed the pain in my body. I was the cause of my own downfall.

I stared at the dark water underneath me. My heart had died, so now my body had no right to keep on living. I went up to the edge and before I could grasp the act I was about to commit, I jumped in, thinking that now we will be together, forever in peace.


Contributing Story Teller: Harshit Passi  I am a student who’s just completed his +2 and about to transition into college. I’ve always been interested in creative writing and have been consistently winning creative writing competitions ever since I was in the seventh grade. I aspire to leave a mark upon this world with my writing and be remembered for ages to come. hrshtpassi@gmail.com

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