Bat a Little, Bowl a Little, Run a Little

Bat a Little, Bowl a Little, Run a Little

Plump peter was a lazy bear cub. He was round like a fur ball, and loved wearing bright colored clothes. He was living with his parents Tommy and Daisy in a circus. Tommy and Daisy were performers in the ring of the circus. Peter was very shy and he didn’t mingle with the other cubs or babies in the circus. Gaja, the baby elephant and Maja, the little monkey used to call him out to play, but Plump Peter refused to play with them. He loved to sit cozily on his chair every time. He did not move, walk, run and hop. Tommy and Daisy were worried about Peter’s health. They knew that Peter will become very fat one day, and he can’t become a good performer. Peter was their only cub. He was the love of their life.

Tommy begged, “Darling, Why don’t you walk a little, hop a little, and jump a little? You shouldn’t sit like this. Daisy continued, “Peter Dear, your stomach will blow up like a balloon, and burst ‘DHOOM’ one day. Please run a little, play a little and skip a little.

Plump Peter said, “Oh, no! Daddy…Oh, no! Mummy, I am not leaving my chair and my teddy bear. I will sleep a little, rest a little and dream a little?. Daisy let out a sigh, Hmm, God, How do I change him? Tommy and Daisy were very much worried about their son. They wanted to teach him the tricks of their trade. The circus was their home. They didn’t want to go back to the jungle. Their house in the jungle was burnt out in the forest fire. They had neither friends nor relatives in the jungle. The circus manager Jumman was very kind. He fed them, gave them shelter and treated them like his own children. He gave them freedom, even to move into the jungle, as and when they liked. But the animals in the circus refused to go. They felt that they were safe in the circus, and Jumman treated them like their parent. “Hurray! I have an idea”, said Tommy. Daisy was curious to know what this idea was. “Come on, tell me now. How are we going to teach our son a lesson??” “It is simple”, said Tommy. We are going to hide his chair and his teddy bear. “How”, asked Daisy. “We will hide it in Jumman’s house”, said Tommy. Let’s try and see if it works. “OK”, said Daisy. It is a good idea.

As per their plan, Tommy and Daisy moved the chair and the teddy bear into Jumman’s house in the middle of the night. Plump Peter woke up in the morning. Just after he got up from his sleep, he started looking for his Chair and his teddy bear. He searched them in all the corners, but he couldn’t find them. He started to cry, “Hmm…Hmm…Hmm Mummy, Hmm Hmm…Hmm Daddy, Where is my chair and my teddy bear?” Tommy and Daisy pretended as if they knew nothing about it. “Oh, son, May be someone broke into the house, and stole them away”, said Tommy. Daisy said, “Yes, yes, I too feel that thieves may have entered our house, and have taken it”. They consoled Plump Peter, and he stopped crying after some time.

Just then Maja and Gaja came to Peter’s house. They called out to peter. Gaja said, “Peter, Come out. Look, I have brought something for you”. Maja said, “It’s a new bat and ball. Let’s play the game of cricket”. Plump Peter came out of his tent. He was surprised to see a bat in Gaja’s hand, and a ball in Maja’s hand. Plump Peter came closer to Gaja. He took the bat in his hand. He liked it. Maja threw the ball to Peter. Peter swung the bat, and hit the ball. The ball flew high up in the air. “Hurray Hurray! Tommy and Daisy cried out in happiness. “Wow! It is a six, shouted Maja. And Gaja trumpeted in glee and joy. There was a change in Plump Peter. Tommy and Daisy were very happy. Indeed, they bought the bat and the ball. They were very happy to see their son “bat a little, bowl a little and run a little”.

Contributing Story Teller:  R . Suresh Babu, I am a Graduate teacher in English. I love writing stories for children. sureshniranam@gmail.com

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