Brave Bruno

Brave Bruno

Brave Bruno

Value in Focus: Devotion

Melissa comes running to Rocky’s house. “Come with me quickly. There is a dog near the shrubs behind my house which is barking loudly. I think something is wrong with him,” says Mel.

Rocky goes with her and sees a small dog trying to untangle himself from the shrubs. Being unable to set himself free, barking is what he thinks will help him. Rocky and Mel help him out and he walks with a limp. Just then, Jason, Jenny, and Lindsay walk towards them.

“Hi, who’s dog is this?” asks Lindsay. “We don’t know. I heard him barking and called Rocky to help him come out of the shrubs,” replies Mel. “He has cuts on his body and is bleeding,” observes Jenny.

“What should we do?” questions Mel. “He hasn’t got a collar around his neck so I suppose he is a stray dog. Let’s hand him over to the center for stray animals,” says Jason.

The friends take him to the center. The vet treats his wounds and gives him some milk. When the friends are about to leave, the dog looks at them with sad eyes and barks softly. Jason goes to him and says, “Rest up old fellow. We will come visit you soon.”

A few days later, the friends visit the center and meet the stray dog. He runs to them barking happily. They play with the dog that they name Bruno. After half an hour, the friends return home.

Next morning, Rocky says, “Today is ‘World Animal Day’. Let’s go and meet Bruno.” The friends troop to the center and see that Bruno is wearing a collar with the words ‘Brave Bruno’ written on it. The manager tells them about the special collar.

“Last night, some thieves had entered our center and after overpowering the guard were about to escape with cash, dog food, and our important equipment. Bruno saw them and came running out from his kennel and chased them away, not before frightening them into leaving behind all that they had stolen. He chased them away, out on the streets and came back. The noise of his barking woke us up. We came and untied the guard and restored order once more.”

“Wow Bruno, you are the best dog ever,” says Mel., giving him a big hug. “Bruno, you are a brave smart dog,” says Rocky. “On this ‘World Animal Day’, you have shown how animals can help humans and they also know how to return favours,” says Lindsay.

“Good dog,” says Jenny, patting his head. Jason takes out the bag of special dog biscuits, Bruno’s favourite from his bicycle container and the dog eats them happily, barking from time to time.

Value: Making a Difference.

Celebrating World Animal Day – October 4th, 2017

Written By: Amita is a Story Writer and a Spiritual Writer.

To share your feedback, write to her at amita17149@hotmail.com, or leave a comment below.

Photo by Andy Omvik on Unsplash


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