Chikku’s Visit to the Town

Chikku’s Visit to the Town     

Chikku, the cute little rat, lived in a village with his parents. They used to go out and bring food for him, and he used to play outside with his friends. At night, they eat their food together, sitting and chatting.

One day Chikku’s neighbor’s son, Mittu, came from the town for a holiday. Seeing their lifestyle, Mittu said, “You know, I get very good and tasty food there. I need not go out and work like your parents. Why don’t you also join me when I return to the town, after a week?”

Chikku and his parents agreed to go with Mittu to the town. They were excited to see the town. “Mittu, I’m very hungry. I want to eat something now,” said Chikku. He was tired and eager to taste the wonderful food his friend mentioned.

“Just wait for some time. I will get you the tasty food, which you have never tasted. Now my house owner is busy with his friends. It is time for him to bring them for dinner. Until they leave, we have to hide behind the fridge,” replied his friend.

The aroma of the food filled the room, and still they were not able to eat. When Chikku started demanding for food, Mittu agreed to take them to the kitchen table, but told them to be alert. “Any moment, the house owner and friends would land up here. If they see us, they will not leave us free. Understand?” asked Mittu. They agreed and went to the dining table. They were about to start stealing food from the beautiful vessels, but suddenly the house owner appeared there with their friends. Frightened, the rats ran away with their lives, and went back to their hiding place.

Chikku felt very disappointed. “Don’t worry Chikku. After they finish their food and go, we will get plenty of tasty food. You can eat as much as you want,” consoled Mittu.

As there was no other way, Chikku waited for the house owner and his friends to finish their food and leave the place. His parents too felt very upset for not able to give any food to their son, who was very hungry. The house owner and his friends spent a lot of time talking and laughing at the dinner table. By then Chikku, slept off tired and hungry. Finally, in the midnight, when the dining table was free, Mittu called them to have a feast on the left over food.

Chikku and his parents joined him, and began to eat the tasty food. Then the servant came to clear the table, and again they had to run away to their hiding place. “Don’t worry, she will keep these things in the kitchen and we can steal in the night,” said Mittu. By then Chikku and his parents had lost their patience.

“Mittu, we don’t want to enjoy such a food, with tension. Though our food is not so tasty like this town food, we can eat without fear in the village. It is better to work hard and eat, than eating stolen food with fear and tension. We are returning home tomorrow,” said Chikku’s parents.

Contributing Story Teller:  Lakshmi Menon writes stories for children and for adults, on her spare time. She has published a book for children entitled “Tinky’s Best gift”. She has also written many children’s stories for the newspaper magazine section.. She also maintains a blog http://for-children.blogspot.com Many of her short stories have also appeared in various magazines.lakmen76@gmail.com

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