Felicity and the Sapphire Dress – Children’s Story

Felicity and the Sapphire Dress – Children’s Story

“Are you sure you want that in your outfit?” asked Felicity. Felicity had thrown herself into becoming a fashionista and making clothes. Her younger sister Susan had asked her to help her make an outfit and wanted her favorite heart clip with the pink feather with the silk midnight blue dress they had made but Felicity wasn’t so sure. “I don’t think it would look nice with your dress”, said Felicity. “But it’s beautiful” Susan said. “Well, if we aren’t doing the clip why don’t we use the sapphires”, said Susan pointing at the sapphires Felicity had been collecting. That satisfied Felicity so the two sisters set to work. “Let’s call it the sapphire dress”, said Felicity and Susan nodded. Soon they were finished so they decided to have a picnic with their friends. When they were gone a shadow came creeping into the house.

They tiptoed into Felicity’s workshop and stared at all the valuables in the room open mouthed. Then the sapphire dress caught her eye and she ran to it and her jaw dropped. She looked around to see if anyone was there and saw no one, so she grabbed the dress and put it in the bag she was carrying. But when the thief had been looking around she had been sadly mistaken for there had been someone around. Will, Felicity’s helper had been cleaning out Felicity’s closet when the thief had come and Will had jumped into the closet and watched her every move and when the thief had been looking around Will had closed the closet.

When the thief was safely out of the room Will came out of the closet and went outside through the back door to the neighbor’s house and went to tell the girls all he had seen. Soon he was at the neighbor’s house and saw the girls playing tennis.”Felicity! Susan! Come quickly!” he yelled. “What is it?” asked Felicity. “Why should I tell you when I can show you”, replied Will.

They came just in time to see the thief come out of the house. “Stop you thief!” yelled Will. “What is she stealing?” asked Susan, running.

“Your dress ma’am”, answered Will. The thief stopped dead in her tracks when she saw Susan, Felicity and Will, then things all seemed to happen all at once. Felicity ran and slid on the grass and grabbed the bag but the thief pulled it back. “GIVE ME BACK THE DRESS! NOW!!” yelled Felicity and she pulled the bag away from the thief’s grip and gave her a hard push that sent the thief falling to the ground. Are you okay Miss?” asked Will and Felicity nodded. “Alright thief, time to face the music!” said Susan and she pulled off the thief’s hood.

It revealed a very grumpy face underneath. At the same time the three gasped and breathed “Samantha!”. “Why did you do this?” asked Felicity.”I was jealous of your talents and wanted to take one of your necklaces and say it was mine so I could get rich and famous. Then I saw that blue dress and decided I wanted that and, and…I guess you know the rest”, she said. Her nose was running and tears were rolling down her cheek. “I’m so sorry Felicity”, she said looking up. “I guess its okay, but never do that again”, said Felicity. “Come on let’s play tennis”, said Susan. I’m going to go”, began Will. “You too Will”, called Susan. So the four played and had loads of fun and they lived happily ever after.

 The end

Contributed By: Shivani Verma – Shivani is an 8 year old,  budding story writer who lives in the US. She loves to express her creativity through music, dance, sketching and writing stories. You can contact her at : snigdha14277@gmail.com


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