Fun At The Orphanage

Value of Charity

Fun At The Orphanage

VALUE: Charity

“Have you heard of ‘World Humanitarian Day’? asks Melissa. “Yes I have,” answers Lindsay. “I wonder what it means!” dreams Melissa.

The friends are gathered at her house for a pizza party.

“It’s a day for showing others your human traits, by taking care of one another’s needs,” explains Jason. “I wish we could do something to help others on Humanitarian Day,” muses Jennifer.

“Well, mom was talking to her friend on the phone about help needed at the orphanage,” says Rocky. “What sort of help?” asks Jason.

“I didn’t get a chance to ask mom because she went off to the shops, right after her phone call,” replies Rocky. “Let’s go to the orphanage to see if we can help,” plans Jason.

After finishing every last slice of pizza on the plates, the children troop to the orphanage. Mrs. Brown, the manager meets them. “Hello children! What brings you here?” she asks, her face breaking into a smile.

“Hello Aunty! We heard you needed help here and we thought we will give you a visit. What can we do to be of assistance?” questions Lindsay. “Well, ‘World Humanitarian Day’ is next week. We want everyone in our locality to help make the day special for our kids,” answers the manager. “What can we do?” persists little Melissa.

“All of you can bring your extra clothes, toys, shoes, bags, stationery etc for our kids. You can also ask others to do the same,” replies Mrs. Brown.

“We will gladly do that aunty. Together with that, may I bring a few of my friends to play with the children here?” questions Jason. “That will be great. No one has spare time for us and if you and your friends can spare some of your time to spend with the kids here, they will love it,” smiles the lady.

“Rest assured aunty, Humanitarian Day will be very special,” announces Rocky. “Bye, see you on this special day,” chorus the five friends, waving to the friendly Mrs. Brown.

“Let us meet at my place this evening to discuss how we can make that day special,” says Jason. The others agree going home.

Evening finds the friends gathered at Jason’s house. “What will you all take to the orphanage for the kids there?” questions Jason. “I have a lot of clothes in good condition which doesn’t fit me anymore. I will take those with some storybooks,” decides Jennifer.

“I am going to give away my toys for which I am too grown-up to play with,” dreams Melissa, with a satisfied expression. “Are you grown-up Mel? I don’t think so,” laughs Lindsay, tickling her. Mel bursts out in uncontrollable giggles. “Anyway, my plan is to give away my old school bag, water bottle, and tiffin box. They still look as good as new,” adds Lindsay.

“What about you Rocky?” questions Jenny. “Well, I have a lot of comic books to spare. I can take those for the orphanage kids. I’m sure they will love them. Plus I’ll also take some of my battery operated cars and planes,” adds Rocky. “You were so fond of those. I never thought you could give them away. How come you are being so generous?” says Jason. “Well, I have too many. I guess giving away some won’t hurt me,” replies Rocky, pulling up his collar.

“Good for you. I’m sure your mom will be pleased to see more space in your room,” giggles Lindsay. “What about you bro? What are your plans?” asks his sister. “I have a plan or two up my sleeve for ‘World Humanitarian Day’, replies Jason.

“What are you going to do?” asks little Mel, jumping up from her chair. “I want to take lots of candies, lollipops, jujubes, and gummy bears for the kids to enjoy,” says Jason, making up his mind. “That will take lots of cash to buy. Where will you get so much money?” asks Jenny. “I have saved a lot from my pocket money to buy to buy expensive toys, but it think this is a much better cause to spend that cash,” replies Jason, smilingly.

“I will give some from mine too,” adds Jenny. “You will be needing lots of those as there are quite a few kids at the orphanage, so I will surely add to your savings,” decides Rocky.

“Me too. After all, it is for a good cause,” says Lindsay. “What can I do? I have finished all my pocket money on the new doll in the toy shop,” laments Melissa with a worried expression. “I want to help too but can’t,” she adds. “Don’t worry Mel. I have an idea which will enable you to do something for the orphanage children and it won’t cost at all,” says Jason, with a mysterious face. “Really Jason, what is your plan?” asks the intrigued Melissa.

“Well, since you are a very good dancer, we can have you perform for the kids there,” says Jason. “Oh no! I’m not as good as that. How will I dance in front of so many?” wonders Mel. “You can dance very well Mel. We all know that. I will play the guitar and Lindsay will sing your favourite song,” says Jenny.

“Yes, I will. Which song do you want me to sing?” asks Lindsay, interestingly. “I will decide and tell you,” replies little Mel, importantly. The others laugh.

“When your choice is done, let us know and we will practice at my place,” decides Jennifer, patting her on her shoulder. “Alright, I’ll do that,” replies the dancing queen.

Next day, the five friends go and spread the word around their neighbourhood. Mrs. Fiona Greenbush is ready to go and is eager to help with whatever Mrs. Brown needs for her to do on this special day.

“I’ll make dozens of brownies to take to the orphanage,” she decides, smiling at the children. “That will take lots of hard work. We will come and help you,” speak the children. “I’m sure you have a lot to do that day too. Don’t worry, uncle can give me a hand,” says the lady.

Next, the kids go to the Gilbert house and knock on the door. Mr. Gilbert answers the door and promises to do as much as he can for the orphanage.

“Aunty is out at the moment. I’ll let her know. I’m sure she will find lots of items in good condition for those kids,” says Mr. Gilbert.

“Let’s see if Dr. Roberts knows about the special day at the orphanage,” observes Jenny.

The doctor has everything already planned. “Tell us your plans,” doctor, asks Mel. “I am going to contribute some first aid boxes to the orphanage. Together with that, I will treat all the children and the staff for free for one whole month,” says the doctor smiling at the friends.

“That is such a nice thing to do. Mrs. Brown will really appreciate your contribution,” observes Lindsay. “We agree,” chorus the others.

After bidding good bye to the doctor, they decide to visit granny’s house. She welcomes them joyfully.

“Hello, children! How are you all,” she questions. “We are doing fine granny,” replies Rocky, giving her a hug.

“Mrs. Brown at the orphanage wants our contribution at the orphanage on ‘World Humanitarian Day’, says Jenny, going up to granny and giving her a hug too. “I heard about it at the grocery store. I’m going to ask my gardener to decorate the orphanage with all the lovely flowers in my garden. There are lots in bloom at this time of the year,” says granny, giving a broad smile.

“Wow! How wonderful the orphanage is going to look,” says Jason. “The orphanage will not only look nice but smell nice too,” adds Rocky. “That’s not all. I’m going to call my old friend, who lives in the next town to help me make sandwiches and lemonade for everyone,” adds Mrs. Angela Anderson.

“How sweet of you aunty. Everyone will love to eat those,” says Lindsay.

‘World Humanitarian Day’ sees the neighbourhood gathered at the orphanage. All the kids are thrilled with their treats and gifts. Melissa’s dance and Lindsay’s song is loved by one and all.

At the end of the celebrations, Mrs. Brown gives a speech, thanking everyone present and the orphanage children sing their special song to show their appreciation. The five friends clap enthusiastically.



Written By: Amita is a Story Writer and a Spiritual Writer.

To share your feedback, write to her at amita17149@hotmail.com, or leave a comment below.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash


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