Gina & The Old Woman

Gina & The Old Woman

Little Gina lived with her mother in a small but comfortable cottage at the end of the forest. Her father had gone to a new place to find better work. Gina and her mother picked fruits and flowers from the forest and sold them in the market nearby everyday. They also sold baskets and bowls which they made themselves. This way both Gina and her mummy lived happily together.

One day, while Gina was busy picking fresh strawberries from the jungle, she forgot the time and went quite far from her home. She picked fruits and sang a happy song – “Tra la la, I’m the queen of the forest. I want to fly like a bird each day.” Suddenly she realised it was getting dark and she turned to retrace her steps back to her cottage. But Gina had gone very far and she lost her way. She looked everywhere but could not find her route. Now Gina got very worried and scared and after sometime she started crying bitterly.

After sometime Gina dried her eyes and started praying to God to help her. In a few minutes, as if in answer to her prayers, Gina heard a soft voice calling – “What is it my child, why are you crying. Can I help you?” Gina looked around and saw an old woman standing with a lantern smiling at her. Gina ran to her and clutched her hand – “Dear granny, I have lost my way. Please can you tell me the way to ‘Moonshine Cottage’?”

The old woman said – “Don’t cry my child. I will take you back to the cottage. Come with me”. Gina saw that there was a small donkey with the old woman. The old lady asked Gina to sit on the donkey with her and away they trotted back to Moonshine Cottage.

When they reached the cottage, they found Gina’s mummy standing outside and calling her daughter. Gina went to her and said – “Mummy, I had lost my way and this kindly lady has brought me back. Her mother hugged and kissed her and said to the woman – “How can I ever thank you for bringing my daughter back to me. Please come inside and have tea with us. The old woman went inside the cottage and together they all drank a pot of hot strong tea and ate some homemade fruit cakes and jam tarts.

When the woman was ready to go, she said to Gina – “Come here my child, I have something for you.” She delved in her gown’s pocket and took out a glittering ring. “This is a special ring Gina. Whoever will wear it will never lose their way. As soon as you start going the wrong way, there will be a shrill sound from the ring and you will be warned.”

Gina thanked the old woman and asked her to come again. The old woman said – “You also must visit me. I live at the other side of the forest in a blue hut.” Gina promised to go over to her place and the old woman after waving goodbye went off on her donkey smiling widely.

Contributing Story Teller: Amita is a budding poet, children’s story teller and a Spiritual Writer. amita17149@hotmail.com

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