God’s Rule

God’s Rule

Rinku lived in a huge house in Ranchi. She had finished 3rd Std final exams. Summer Vacations began with long days of games, favourite food, no school and loads of fun.

Bonza was a very adorable puppy living in the neighbourhood street. Everybody loved him except Dr Perry- Rinkus neighbour.

He used to never care for Bonza. He would shower love on his pet Creamy. It was a young pomerian puppy with cream fur.

One day Rinku and her friends were playing dodge ball with Bonza enjoying the game. Dr Perry had an emergency visit to a patient’s house. He was driving very fast. Hi car hit Bonza who was playing around. Bonza was hurt and shrieked in pain. Dr Perry drove ahead.without stopping. The entire neighbourhood tended to Bonza with love care & attention.

After a week Dr Perry had taken Creamy for an evening walk. He got busy talking to a friend. Creamy was strolling carelessly. A truck passed by in full speed injuring Creamy.

The truck driver didn’t stop, continued in full speed. Rinku and her friends offered to help Dr Perry He was sad, unhappy and shocked.He thought to himself “how could the driver be so unkind?” when he had been cruel to Bonza.

Summer vacations ended and Rinku shared this incident with her school friends. God follows a simple rule – Tit for Tat. He gives you what you give others.

Rinku decided to keep this in mind forever.

Contributing Story Teller:  Reenna C Dave, a sales professional with passion for writing. When am not selling, I love to pen down thoughts and experiences, stories with interesting characters and incidents which are worth sharing.  reennacdave@gmail.com

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