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Value in Focus: Peace

“It’s World Poetry Day” next week and teacher has asked us to prepare a poem on any topic we like,” chirps Melissa, excitedly. “Yes I know and the student who’s poem is the best will get to read it in front of the whole school,” adds Jennifer. “Nora was saying there’s a reward too for the best poem,” informs Rocky. “We must choose a good topic to impress Miss Rose,” says Lindsay.

“I’m not good at writing poems. I can’t think of an easy topic,” speaks Rocky, worriedly. “The best topic for you to write on is food,” giggles Lindsay. “Good idea. I might do just that,” says Rocky, triumphantly.

“An uncommon topic stands the best chance to be chosen as the best,” reflects Jason, with a serious expression.

“Well, poems have to have rhyming words and that will pose a problem,” Jennifer thinks aloud. “Well, let’s go home and put our thinking caps on,” advises Jason. “Don’t worry guys. We have a week to prepare,” reminds Jenny.

The kids go home after playtime thinking about various topics to choose from. The week passes quite soon and the children have yet to put finishing touches to their effort.

At last, the morning of ‘World Poetry Day’ dawns with the children nervously revising their poems one last time. On the bus, Jason notices that Rocky looks worried. “What happened, pal? Haven’t you completed your poem?” asks Jason. “I have but my words are not rhyming,” laments Rocky.

“Well, nothing can be done now. Cheer up. I’m sure Miss Rose won’t mind,” says his friend in a soothing voice. “I hope so,” says Rocky, without an ounce of confidence.

The bus reaches school and the students get down. English class sees Miss Rose entering the classroom with a smile.

“Hello everyone! I hope to meet some budding poets on ‘World Poetry Day’,” speaks the teacher. “Do recite your poems with expression.

The children stand up and recite their poems proudly. Different topics have been chosen but the best is yet to come. Rocky ‘s turn comes and he stands up coughing nervously. His poem is about all kinds of food he likes. Though the words don’t rhyme, Miss Rose says, “a good try Rocky. I expect better from you next time. Please be seated.”

Melissa reads about nature and it’s beauty. Miss Rose observes, “Very good Melissa. You have captured the essence of nature and it’s bountiful beauty very well indeed. You also talk about respecting and taking care of nature which will teach a lesson to others.” Lindsay’s poem is about home and family.

“Well written Lindsay. The words rhyme beautifully and your poem reads very well. The importance of home and family has been elaborated quite well,” praises Miss Rose. Jennifer’s poem is about friendship. “Lovely poem Jennifer. I’m sure your friends have loved listening to you. Your poem brings us good memories of our present and past friends and teaches us the importance and meaning of good valuable friendship,” smiles Miss Rose.

The last person to read is Jason. His poem is about the ending of conflicts of all kinds and promotes peace. “It’s a wonderful poem, Jason. Your words truly come from the heart. Your thoughts on world peace are commendable. It serves as a learning experience for the new generation. You have tried to retain the tranquility in our lives which is more than missing in our society. I’m really proud of you. I will recommend your poem to the headmistress and I’m sure you will get to read in front of the whole school presently,” speaks Miss Rose, with a big smile.

Jason’s poem is announced as the best by the headmistress and she hands over his award. His friends congratulate him and give him a treat of ice cream.

Value: Peace

Celebrating World Poetry Day – March 21st, 2018

Written By: Amita is a Story Writer and a Spiritual Writer.

To share your feedback, write to her at amita17149@hotmail.com, or leave a comment below.


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