The Magic Doll

The Magic Doll     

Once upon a time there lived a girl called Selina. Her father was a cloth merchant and was very well off. Selina

The Magic Doll

Selina’s Magic Doll

could afford all the luxuries of life, but still she was unhappy. The reason being she had no one to play with. Her mother used to be busy with household matters and her elder brothers and sisters were too old to play with her. One day, Selina said to her father- “Papa I’m very lonely. Please bring me a doll when you go on your next tour. I will play with her.”  Her father took her in his arms and smiled – “I will bring you a very nice doll my pet. I’m going today and will come back in a week’s time”. Selina’s papa went away and she spent her time waiting anxiously for her father’s return. At last her father returned and sure enough he brought Selina a very sweet doll as promised. Selina was thrilled with her doll. She thanked her father and kissed and hugged her dolly. The doll had big green eyes and wore a pretty white frock with lace in the front. She looked lovely with her beautiful brown hat. That night Salina slept with her doll next to her. As soon as Selina started feeling sleepy, she heard a sweet voice calling her name. She looked round and saw that her dear dolly was smiling at her. Selina said- “Did you call me dear dolly?” “Yes”, replied the doll. “Don’t get frightened Selina. I won’t harm you. I’m a magic doll who can talk and walk. But I will be heard only by you. The others won’t know our secret and you mustn’t tell them. Selina took her doll in her arms and said “Oh! Oh! Isn’t it wonderful? Of course, I won’t utter a word to the others. We will have a marvelous time together. Thank you God for my doll. Now I won’t be lonely ever again.” Suddenly, Selina clutched her dolly tightly in her arms and whispered “But dear dolly you must promise never to leave me alone. I will never let you go.” The magic doll answered “I will stay with you as long as you want.” At last, all the sadness and loneliness was gone from her life and she was very very happy. Contributing Story Teller: Amita is a budding poet, children’s story teller and a Spiritual Writer. amita17149@hotmail.com Do you enjoy writing stories for children? To publish them at writershideout.net, email us info@writershideout.net


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