Melissa’s Mishap

Value in Focus – Confidence

“How is your preparation going for the dance competition on ‘World Dance Day’ Melissa?” asks Jennifer.
“Not so good Jenny. I’m not as confident as I was,” replies Mel, with a frown.

“You should be absolutely confident Mel. You are a wonderful dancer. Keep practicing to build up your confidence. There are a few weeks left for the competition,” encourages Jennifer.

It’s the lunch break at school and Jenny and Mel are sitting on the bench talking. Lindsay comes running and says, “Miss Olivia, our dance teacher wants a word with you Mel. Come, she is waiting for you in the auditorium.”

The three girls walk towards the auditorium chatting excitedly.

“We are counting on you Mel. I know you will do us proud,” whispers Lindsay going inside.

“Hello Melissa. I wanted to talk to you about a new dance step I have added to your performance. Remember, this ‘World Dance Day’ competition we’ll be witnessing three more performances from our neighbouring schools. All the girls taking part are trained performers and you are the youngest in the group. I’m super confident that you will come first in the competition if you put your mind and heart in your dance performance,” smiles Miss Olivia.

“I surely will try my best Miss bit I’m not very confident at the moment. I’m feeling a bit nervous,” says Melissa, worriedly.

“Well dear, this won’t do. I’m sure your friends here will help you build up your confidence in your dance skills. Won’t you dears?” asks Miss Olivia, expectantly.

“We sure will Miss. We will make Mel practice till she makes no mistake,” replies Jenny. Lindsay agrees.
“Well, that’s good to know. Come on Mel, you have been excused from the rest of your classes today. I will teach you the new dance step which will be a winner I’m sure,” says Miss Olivia, walking towards the stage.

The bell rings and Lindsay and Jenny go to their classroom, saying, “Bye Mel. See you later.”

Melissa learns the new dance step from Miss Olivia and is able to give a perfect performance.

The teacher claps her hands saying, “You are a quick learner Melissa. Your nimble feet move like the wind. I’m very pleased to see how quickly you have learned the new steps. Now you just have to practice daily till the performance,” speaks Miss Olivia, with a satisfied expression.

“Thank you Miss, I’ll practice till I’m perfect,” promises Melissa.

Just a week before the performance, Melissa loses her footing on the staircase and takes a fall. “My God, what will I do now? My feet hurt so much and the dance performance is coming soon,” cries Mel.

Her mom comes running from the kitchen. “Oh dear, this is bad. I’d better call Dr. Roberts quickly,” she mutters, picking up the phone.

“Mom, do call Jenny and Lindsay. I must see them,” yells Mel, holding her feet with her hands.
“Right darling, just let me inform the doctor first,” shouts Melinda Griffith. Dr. Roberts, whose clinic is on ‘Cherry Street’, comes to the Griffith house. He finds Melissa crying bitterly. Her friends Rocky, Jason, Jennifer and Lindsay are trying to calm her.

“There, there dear. Don’t cry. Let me examine your feet first,” speaks Dr. Roberts, in a calm voice.
“I don’t see much damage. It’s just some sprain which will heal quickly. The swelling will reduce in a few days. I am prescribing some anti-inflammation medication to help lessen the swelling. Hot fermentation will help too. I will bandage your feet with crepe bandage for support. Just rest and relax for a few days, keep your feet raised and you will be up and about in a few days,” adds the doctor.

“What about my dance practice?” questions Mel, with tears in her eyes. “That has to stop for now but I’m sure you have practiced enough so you won’t have a problem,” smiles Dr. Roberts.
“Don’t worry Mrs. G, not much harm has come to little Mel. She will be as good as new pretty soon. I’m sure her friends will cheer her up and give her a good dose of confidence and moral support. Bye for now. Take rest and smile. I’ll come to examine you again soon,” says Dr. Roberts, waving goodbye.

“Mel, you have nothing to fear. You are a seasoned dancer and a good learner. We will take good care of you and you will shine at the performance,” says Rocky, sitting next to Mel.

The friends take turns to come and look after Melissa and cheer her up. Dr. Roberts visits her regularly and with all the help and support, Melissa recovers. She is right as rain in no time and her swelling and pain is one for good.

The day of the dance performance sees the confidence back on Mel’s face. She dances gracefully and is awarded first prize. Everyone claps and cheers loudly. The judges praise her confidence in her abilities despite suffering from a foot injury just a few days back.

Rocky, Jason, Jenny and Lindsay give her a warm hug and also surprise her with gifts.

Value in Focus – Confidence

World Dance Day – April 29, 2018

Written By: Amita is a Story Writer and a Spiritual Writer.

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