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The Value in Focus – Achievement

“French language day’ is coming near and our French teacher wants to test our ability in the French language that day. A special exam is taking place and I don’t know what to do. As you all know I’m very weak in French. However much I try I don’t do well in exams. Miss Chantal, our French teacher expects us to pass with flying colours and I don’t want to disappoint her,” laments Lindsay.

“You just have to practice spellings, grammar, and correct pronunciations thoroughly to impress Miss Chantal,” says Jenny, encouragingly. “I wish I wasn’t so weak. I know I will not do well. I don’t want to see the disappointed face of our sweet teacher. I try my best but always make silly mistakes. I just can’t get things right,” says Lindsay, with a frown.

“Don’t worry. All of us will help you prepare for the test,” announces Melissa. “Yes, I will give you spelling and dictation tests daily to improve your grammar as well as spellings,” adds Rocky. “I will start talking to you in French every now and then. This will help you improve your pronunciation,” decides Jason. “I will help you in whatever you want and be your moral support,” says Jennifer, patting Lindsay on her back.

“Thanks, guys, you are the best. I’m sure with your help, I won’t fail Miss Chantal’s expectations,” speaks Lindsay, with a sigh. Next week is spent on training Lindsay to become as fluent as she can in the French language. On the morning of the test, everyone wishes good luck to Lindsay as she nervously boards the school bus.

“Don’t worry. You will do very well,” whispers Jenny, taking a seat next to her friend. “You think so?” Questions Lindsay. “I know so,” smiles Jennifer. The children greet Miss Chantal with flowers and chocolates. “Happy French Language Day Miss,” chorus the friends.

“Merci,” says Miss Chantal, with a smile. “Lindsay, I want you to give special attention to the questions. That way you will make fewer mistakes,” she adds. “Oui Miss,” smiles Lindsay.

The exam begins. Lindsay finds most of it easy, thanks to the effort of her friends. At the end of the test, students go to the playground while the teacher checks their results. In half an hour the results are announced. The students take their seats in class and the teacher announces the results. Everyone passes. Lindsay does very well.

Miss Chantal says,” I am proud to see that you have achieved a difficult task today and got 75 % in today’s test. It just goes to say that you only need the will to achieve to get what you want.” “I am happy with my result but all the credit of my achievement goes to my friends here, Rocky, Jason, Jennifer, and Melissa. They helped in my preparation from start to finish. Their support and encouragement made me try harder. I couldn’t have achieved anything today without them,” says Lindsay, smiling at her friends.

There is a huge applaud for the four friends. Later on, the stage is set for some cultural program. Jennifer sings a French song with Melissa and Nora. Next, a dance drama in French is enacted in which Lindsay, Jason, and Rocky take part.

A special guest from France talks about his country and the beauty of the French language. The pupils answer questions asked by him on French language and literature. Rocky and Melissa present a huge bouquet of exquisite flowers to the special guest. After that, everyone rushes to the big dining table in the garden laid out with French delicacies. Rocky fills up his plate with croissants, brioche, baguette, and crepes. The food is delicious.

“I’m going to take another croissant,” chirps Melissa, marching happily towards the table.

At last, it’s time to go home. The students bid goodbye to the special guest. Miss Chantal hands over embroidered serviettes de table to each of her pupils. Melissa exclaims, “ils sont merveilleux,” excitedly.

“Merci,” smiles Miss Chantal. “Au revoir,” shout the students, waving goodbye.

Value: Achievement

Celebrating French Language Day – March 20th, 2018

Written By: Amita is a Story Writer and a Spiritual Writer.

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Photo by Jeffrey Hamilton on Unsplash


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  1. What a beautifully written pleasing story with a moral. Enjoyed reading it thoroughly!

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