Mr. Spoon

Mr. Spoon

( Meet a cunning man who uses spoon to dupe others) The party was in full swing.

Suddenly granny whispered – Hey! Here he comes…please avoid him. I don’t want you to meet him. I was a bit confused. Before, I could understood anything, a well dressed old man was standing before us. Greetings ! Didi! You no longer recognize your brother!

Who is this young man with you! He spoke in very polished manner. Oh! Err…meet him he is Mr. Sampuran! Sorry…we have to leave now. Granny literally dragged me away. What is going on…why are you trying to avoid your brother, I probed.

Son! You don’t know anything about his cunning manners. He is infamous as Mr. Spoon!, she took a heavy sigh.

What do you mean…he seems to be an interesting person. I became confused. Kid! He is a well read man but also a seasoned manipulator. He uses relationships to meet his ends. Granny looked miffed. Granny ! I think you are being too hard on him, I protested. OK! Imagine, one fine morning, you find an unknown person ringing your door bell. And, before you can say anything he introduces himself, she smiled. So, how does this make him a morally corrupt !,I persisted.

My dear! His first sentence will be Can I have your spoon please!… You will probably ask him why does he need your spoon! Then starts his glib. He will convince you that his unwanted guests or servants stole away his precious spoons.

He will keep repeating this white lie until you invite him for a healthy meal. This is not the end, he will use your reference to dupe another person. This way, he makes his day, she spoke slowly . My goodness, I smiled.

Once he selects his prey, only god can save that poor chap! Can you imagine, all his personal belongings belong to others. I am yet to meet an kith and kin who was not duped by him, her eyes were red with anger.

What about his family, I asked. Family! They all have disinherited him because of his misadventures. Who can tolerate a freeloader. Let’s make a move. I do not want to fall prey to his glib., we moved fast. As we were exiting, I found Mr. Spoon asking a young lady-Madam!  Can I have your spoon please!

Glossary: Didi: Sister

Contributing Story Teller: Ashish Dimri is a practicing wordsmith. Contact him : ashishdimri1@gmail.com

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