My Favourite Teacher

Bouquet of Flowers

Value: Mentoring

Teachers Day is around the corner. Jason and his sister Jennifer summon their friends to the park. It is a clear Sunday morning, the flowers are in full bloom, the sun is shining merrily, the birds are sweetly chirping on the trees and a cool breeze is blowing, carrying with it the fragrance of flowers.

“Hi friends, I have called you to talk about our plans for Teachers Day,” says Jason, excitedly. I have decided that all of us will write an essay on our favourite teacher,” he adds.

“We can compare our essays to see which teacher is chosen by more than one of us,” says Jenny. “I know who my favourite teacher is,” chirps Melissa. “Don’t tell us right now,” laughs Lindsay.

“I’ll keep it a surprise for all of you,” plans Mel. “Where shall we meet after writing our essays,” asks Jenny. “My mom will be busy this evening at the ladies club. Why don’t you all come to my place at about four?” asks Rocky. “That’s cool. See you then,” says Jenny.

The children complete their morning walk and go home. Rocky opens the door of his house and his friends come in. He takes them to his room and everyone reads what they wrote about their favourite teacher. At the end, everyone is surprised to learn that the music teacher was each and everyone’s favourite.

“All of us have written wonderful things about Miss Taylor, our favourite music teacher, but the best written essay is by Lindsay,” observes Jason. “We will read our essays on Teachers Day in front of everyone,” says Jenny.

“I have made a special card for her too,” announces little Melissa.” “So have we,” add Jason and Jennifer. “I have made a chart of our music class,” speaks Rocky, with pride. “I am going to take a bouquet of flowers picked up from my garden,” decides Lindsay. “Miss Taylor will be very pleased by our special gifts,” observes Melissa.

On Teachers Day, the five friends wear their favourite dresses to school and are welcomed by their teachers and other students. Everyone gathers in the auditorium where the head girl gives a welcome speech for the teachers. The students chorus ‘Happy Teachers Day’.

All of them give gifts to their teachers and read out their special speeches. The music teacher loves the greeting cards given by Jason, Jenny and Mel.

“Thank you Rocky for this chart. I will put it up in the classroom,” speaks Miss Taylor. They read out their speeches. Lindsay is the last one to read. There is loud clapping after her speech.

This is what she wrote. “I think Miss Taylor is not only a great music teacher but a very noble person too. She has great qualities of kindness, understanding and sympathy. The best thing I love about her is her capacity to solve any problem I am faced with. She gives me advice and is a true mentor. I share all my personal problems with her, knowing that she will be able to help me deal with it. She explains things in which I am stuck by guiding me towards the right path. She is both a loving teacher as well as my guide and mentor. I have asked her advice on many occasions and she is always ready with solutions and help,” concludes Lindsay.

“I think she is the best teacher ever,” shouts Melissa and her friends agree. Miss Taylor has tears in her eyes as she says, “I thank all my students and specially Lindsay for thinking of me as her mentor. I hope I will be able to help and advice any student of mine in any difficulty.”

She gives a hug to all her students and offers them homemade jam tarts. There is a table laden with snacks and lemonade which is finishing fast as both the teachers as well as the students enjoy themselves. The students wave to their class mates and teachers as they bid good bye to each other and leave for home.


Celebrating Teachers Day – 5th September 2017

Written By: Amita is a Story Writer and a Spiritual Writer.

To share your feedback, write to her at amita17149@hotmail.com, or leave a comment below.

Photo by Anton Mislawsky on Unsplash


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