Rita And The Talking Flower

Rita And The Talking Flower

Rita was the only child of her parents. She had a few friends living nearby with whom she went to the Children’s Park in her locality and played with them. Together with this, she liked to spend time in her small, sweet garden at home amongst the flowers. She was a 6 year old friendly and kind child. Her garden contained lots of lovely colourful flowers which delighted Rita’s heart.

She used to ask the names of the different flowers from her gardener Ramu. One late afternoon, Rita was sitting in her garden playing with her doll whom she called Jenny. She was busy combing the doll’s hair when she heard someone calling her name – “Rita what are you doing?” She looked around but their was no one there.

Again she heard – “Look behind you.” Rita turned her head and saw a lovely Sunflower nodding its head at her. She looked at it with surprise. The flower spoke again – “Yes, it is me. I am a talking flower. Only good children can hear me. You are a nice and kind child so you will be able to talk to me.”

Rita came and sat near the talking flower and said – “Wow! How nice. I have a new friend now. I will come and talk to you everyday”. “Yes, we will be friends, but this has to be our secret. You cannot tell anyone or else you will not hear me.” “Okay! I promise not to tell anyone. I will call you Meeta which means ‘my friend’ and matches with my name Rita!”

Days went by and they both chatted about each other and had great fun. One afternoon, Rita came to the garden and called out to her friend – “Meeta where are you?”. The talking flower was no where to be seen. The garden was in a mess with all the flower beds destroyed. Rita ran to Ramu and said – “What happened Ramu Kaka? Why have the flowers disappeared?” He told her that late night there had been torrential rains and a very strong wind had blowed and destroyed all the flowers.

Rita wept bitterly. She couldn’t forget her friend. Ramu told her he would clear out the old flower beds and plant new flowers. Rita sighed heavily and hoped she would make a new friend among the flowers soon.

Contributing Story Teller: Amita is a budding poet, children’s story teller and a Spiritual Writer. amita17149@hotmail.com

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