Teddy The Toddler

Value – Compassion

Melissa’s mom is busy making strawberry and raspberry jams.

“Mom, who is going to eat so many bottles of jam,” questions Melissa. “This is not for us. I am making lots of jam to distribute among the homeless people at the shelters in our town for ‘International Day of Charity’, replies Melissa’s mom. “When is it? “Next week.” “What a nice thing for you to do. May I help you?” asks Melissa. “I am nearly done sweetie. Go and play with your friends.” “Ok mom! I’m off to Rocky’s house. We are having a meeting there. Let me see if anyone else knows about the day of charity,” shouts Mel, running out of the house.

“Ok, mom! I’m off to Rocky’s house. We are having a meeting there. Let me see if anyone else knows about the day of charity,” shouts Mel, running out of the house.

“Do you guys know about Charity Day next week?” asks Mel. “Yes, mom told me about it. She is baking huge amounts of cup cakes for the homeless people,” replies Rocky. “Mine is making jams,” chirps little Mel. “My mom has gone to her sister’s home to help her settle her new house. Can I do something to help?” asks Lindsay. “Come to my house tomorrow and I’ll ask mom what we can do to help her,” answers Jenny.

Next day, Lindsay meets her friends. They talk to Jenny’s mom.

“Can we do something for International Charity Day?” asks Jason. “Well, some of my friends are knitting mufflers, scarves, socks and shawls for the people at the homeless shelter. You can help pack the items and carry them to the shelters.”

“Are you making something too aunty?” questions Lindsay. “Yes, I am knitting woolens for the babies and toddlers,” smiles Jason’s mom. “Can I see some of them?” questions Lindsay, excitedly. “They are arranged in my blue basket in my bedroom. Go and take a look and tell me if you like them.”

The three children run upstairs and coming back Lindsay cries, “They are lovely aunty. The colours are so pretty. I’m sure they will be greatly appreciated.” “Thanks, Lindsay.” “When should I come to help in the packing?” “My friends will come here with their stuff the day after tomorrow. You can come then and help in packing and carrying all the items to the shelter.” “Right, I’ll be happy to help,” says Lindsay, going back home.

Every item is packed beautifully with pink and blue wrapping paper. They are arranged in baskets and bags and the three friends help the others to carry them to the homeless shelter. Rocky and Melissa are already there with their moms. The homeless people are overjoyed to receive so many gifts.

As Lindsay and Jenny help distribute the kids’ clothes, they see a toddler sitting alone, sobbing quietly.

“What’s your name little boy?” asks Jenny. The boy doesn’t reply. He just stares at them with big brown trey eyes. Lindsay asks one of the women there about the boy. She tells her the boy came to the shelter a few days back. No one saw who left him there. The friends feel bad for the little chap and decide to bring Mrs. Brown from the orphanage.
Next day, she comes to see the little boy accompanied by the five children.

“Hello little one, come with me,” says Mrs. Brown. The toddler comes slowly and clings to her dress, looking up at her with the most adorable brown eyes. She smiles at him and holding his hand announces to the others, “I am taking this fellow to the orphanage. He will be there if someone comes looking for him.”

They go back to the orphanage. “What name will he have aunty?” questions Melissa. “I think we will call him Teddy,” says the manager. “Yes, he will be known as Teddy the Toddler,” giggles Mel.

They leave Teddy in the care of the manager of the orphanage and promising to visit the next day, bid them good bye. When the kids come visiting Teddy, they bring some gifts for him. Jenny brings some woolen socks and gloves which her mom had knitted for the homeless kids. Rocky has a bag of leftover cup cakes from yesterday. Melissa is carrying a bottle of strawberry jam and Jason brings his old toy car, while Lindsay has some candies with her which Teddy grabs happily starting to put them in his mouth.

“One at a time darling,” laughs Lindsay, patting him on his head. Teddy smiles at her. “He really has the cutest grin ever,” announces Mel.

Mrs. Brown has something to say to the five friends.

“Thank you, kids for finding and bringing Teddy to me. He will be well taken care of here. It is your compassion and good heart that led you to this unfortunate little fellow. Fortunately, he will have a home here. On this ‘International Day of Charity’, you children have done a great job. Compassion always leads to charity of any kind.”

During the next weeks, the five friends come and visit Teddy, the Toddler whenever they can. Teddy plays with them and entertains them.


Celebrating International Day Of Charity – 5th September 2017

Written By: Amita is a Story Writer and a Spiritual Writer.

To share your feedback, write to her at amita17149@hotmail.com, or leave a comment below.

Photo by Guillaume de Germain on Unsplash


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