The Doll Exhibition

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The Doll Exhibition

Value: Sacrifice

“I am so looking forward to Daughters Day,” chirps little Melissa. “When is that?” asks Jennifer. “It’s on the coming Sunday,” speaks Lindsay.

“Have your moms made any plans for your special day?” questions Rocky. “Mom is taking me to the doll exhibition on Cherry Street,” answers Mel. “Oh, haven’t heard about the exhibition. When did it start and when will it end?” asks Jason.

“It is here for a fortnight starting this Sunday,” replies his sister, Jennifer. “Let’s go there too. It will be interesting,” says Lindsay. “Yes, I’d like to buy a new doll. It’s high time I had a new one,” enthuses Jenny. “I’ll ask mom about it today,” plans Jenny. “I’m sure mom will be happy to take me there,” thinks Lindsay. “Will there’ve something for us guys at the exhibition?” wonders Rocky. “We will go there anyway. I’m sure there will be something for boys too,” plans Jason.

On Sunday, it is Jenny’s mom who is taking the five friends to the exhibition. Her husband is not interested in going. He promises to take Jason and Jennifer to lunch after they come back. Lindsay’s parents have guests coming over in the morning so they ask their daughter to go with Mrs. Hudson, Jason and Jenny’s mom.

“I will take you to buy a new dress for daughter’s day after lunch,” decides her mom. “Rocky’s mom is more than ready to send him with his friends, so he doesn’t feel left out on that day.

“Mom is baking my favourite cake for daughter’s day and has given me cash to buy the doll I want,” speaks Melissa.

“I have some cash too. Who knows I might find something for myself there,” says Rocky, stuffing some notes into his jacket pocket. Lindsay pats her pink purse saying,” I am going to buy something new, not the original kind of doll. I hope there will be new types of dolls there.”

Just then, Mrs. Hudson comes out on the porch where the children are gathered. She has her car keys dangling from her fingers. “Ready children?” she asks. “Yes, aunty, let’s go,” says Melissa, getting in first.

They reach Cherry Street in no time. The doll museum is crowded with children of all ages, mostly girls with a few boys too. There are babies in prams, toddlers holding their moms’ hands and girls wearing their Sunday best, giggling and chatting with their families.

Lindsay, Jennifer and Melissa reach the first big stall full of dolls of all sizes wearing lovely outfits. There are single dolls, dolls with sisters and moms, some with guitars, laptops, some with puppies and many carrying balloons, flowers and magic wands. The three girls are wondering which doll to choose. They all look wonderful. There are office going dolls, doctor dolls, nurses and many others. There are some big ones who walk and talk too.

After spending quite some time, they make their choices. Mel decides on a golden haired doll with big blue eyes which walks and talks sweetly. Her outfit is made of pink and blue silk with roses embroidered on it. She has matching ribbons tied to her hair.

“Oh, I love this doll. She has her own pink and blue bag too. I think I’ll go with her,” decides Mel, happily. “Please pack this doll,” she requests the stall owner, handing over the payment. Jenny chooses a mom and daughter set with outfits to change, hairbrush, hair bands and clips, hair extension and different bags matching the different outfits.

The dolls are wearing duplicate outfits of dark blue and silver with sequin work. Both have dark hair and black eyes. Lindsay falls for a cute doll, sitting at a computer. She is wearing spectacles and her golden hair is made into a high ponytail. She has a smiling little doll of her own and a small puppy sitting on a rug.

“I love this doll,” she exclaims. The girls finish their payment and go looking for the boys. Jason and Rocky come from the opposite direction, both holding packets of their own. “Did you two buy dolls too?” Teases Melissa. “Don’t be silly. We found mechanical toys which we liked,” replies Rocky.

They see Mrs. Hudson talking to a friend she bumped into. “Let’s see if mom wants to go back,” says Jason. They are about to go when they hear a conversation behind them.

“I’m sorry love but I can’t afford the doll you like. I’ll get you a small doll from this stall,” says a woman, holding a small girls hand. “I wish I could get the doll which walks and talks but I will be happy with a small doll too. After all, I’m getting a new doll. That’s what matters. The woman takes her to the stall with small ordinary dolls and asks her to choose one. Just then, Mel goes to the girl and says, “You can have my doll. It walks and talks. I have another one at home.”

Just then, Mel goes to the girl and says, “You can have my doll. It walks and talks. I have another one at home.”

She hands over the wrapped packet to the girl. She looks up at her mom, not knowing what to do. The girl’s mother says, “You are very kind indeed, but we can’t accept your doll. It was very nice of you to offer.” “Aunty your daughter is like my friend and I want to give her a present. Please let her take it. It will make me happy,” speaks Melissa.

The woman has tears in her eyes as she watches her daughters face light up with immense happiness and surprise. “What a wonderfully kind girl you are dear. Your sacrifice is unbelievable. Even adults don’t care about doing something noble like this. Thanks so much for making my daughters dream come true. You have the best of parents who have taught the meaning of sacrifice and love. Do thank them from both of us. It’s a truly lovely daughter’s day today,” says the woman, with a broad grin.

They bid goodbye to little Mel and go out . “My goodness Mel, you are such a surprise packet,” says Jason. “I can’t believe what I just saw,” says Jenny, giving Mel a hug. “You are a very nice person Mel, giving the gift of happiness to a stranger,” speaks Lindsay, giving her a big hug.

“You are the best Mel,” smiles Rocky. Mrs. Hudson hears about Melissa’s sacrifice and smiles broadly saying, “You deserve a big treat for your good deed. Come with me.”

She takes her to the stall where Mel had bought her doll. “I will buy you the same doll. Which one do you want?” “It’s ok aunty. You don’t have to. I have enough money left to buy a small doll,” says Melissa. “Well, you can buy the small doll and I’ll buy you this one as a reward for your sacrifice and being such a nice person. You have made us all proud,” says Jason’s mom.

Mel holds both the dolls and they go back home.

Celebrating Daughters’ Day – September 24th, 2017

Value: Sacrifice

Written By: Amita is a Story Writer and a Spiritual Writer.

To share your feedback, write to her at amita17149@hotmail.com, or leave a comment below.

Photo by Hannah Rodrigo on Unsplash


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