The English Exam

School Exam


The English Exam

Value: Hard Work

“Have you finished your preparations for the English exam tomorrow?” asks Jason. “Yes, I have revised everything twice,” replies Lindsay.

“I’m so happy English is our last exam. Though I’m little, I’ll beat you all,” says little Mel. “Well, you are called little Mel because of your height and not your age, so don’t be overconfident,” advises Jenny. “I think I’ll revise a few things again this evening,” says Rocky.

“Let’s go home now. Lunch must be ready,” says Jason.

The exams are finally over. The five friends wait for the result. They are announced soon. All of them have done fairly well. Melissa gets a few marks more than Rocky.

“I beat you, I beat you,” she whispers to Rocky. “I know, you don’t have to rub it in,” speaks Rocky, quietly. “Sorry,” says Mel.

At the end of the class, the English teacher calls them to her to discuss the result.

“Jason, you did very well indeed. Jenny, you must improve your spellings. There are spelling mistakes for which you lost marks. Be careful next time,” says Miss Rose, the English teacher. “I will practice regularly,” says Jenny.

“Your writing needs to be better Lindsay. Words which are written carelessly don’t make sense,” advises Miss Rose. “I’ll take care teacher,” says Lindsay. Melissa, you are a good student except for a few silly mistakes,” speaks the English teacher. Melissa smiles widely.

“As for you Rocky, you have made a lot of punctuation mistakes. Most of them are missing or are incorrect. Remember even if your preparation is complete, punctuation mistakes spoil the show. They are very important in the formation of sentences.please practice to improve,” advises Miss Rose.

“I understand and will practice more so I don’t make punctuation mistakes ever,” announces Rocky, with determination.

“Good, I’m happy to hear that,” smiles Miss Rose.

The children go home, bidding each other goodbye.

Value in Focus: Hard work

Punctuation Day – September 24, 2017

Written By: Amita is a Story Writer and a Spiritual Writer.

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Photo by Angelina Litvin on Unsplash


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