Tommy And Chubby

Tommy And Chubby

Tommy lived with his parents at the edge of a small town called ‘Cream Brook’. He used to study in the nearby school. The ‘Red School’ had classes both inside the building as well as outside.

On clear days, the students were taught nature study, social science and arts in the school’s grounds. Tommy was very fond of animals. He used to love feeding the little creatures. They were not afraid to come to him for food because he was a very gentle and kind boy. His mother Janet used to give him some fruits, vegetables and nuts for his animal friends together with his son’s Tiffin box.

During the lunch break, while the other children played various games, Tommy having finished his lunch quickly, used to love roaming in the small woods nearby.

There he would whistle to his small furry friends and they would gather around him for the tid-bits he would hand out to them. The squirrels nibbled at the nuts Tommy would throw in one corner while the birds would eat the small cereal bits he would hand out.  The bananas he would throw far out for the monkeys because they were very greedy and would fight with the other small creatures and run away with their shares. Rabbits were Tommy’s favourite. He would feed them carrots and they came to him not at all shy while he handed the carrots to them with his hand.

One rabbit especially was his favourite and he had named him too. Chubby came to him last after watching his friends start eating because he knew Tommy would always have a supply of carrots for him. Every day Tommy met Chubby during lunch break in school and on weekends and holidays, walked specially to the woods in search of Chubby. On a Monday, Tommy noticed that Chubby had not come for his meal. He got worried and went a little further into the small forest, calling his name. No sound came while the usual birds and animals were busy nibbling at the grub he had spread out. Chubby was no where to be seen.

Tommy was quite sad and after searching for some time, gave up and started leaving the woods for school. Just then he noticed, Chubby hobbling towards him. He was wounded and bleeding. Tommy rushed towards him and picked him up in his arms. he rabbit watched him with sad eyes. Tommy brought him to school where the doctor rang up his friend Mr. Brown who was a vet. He came in his small white car and bandaged Chubby’s wounds.

Tommy brought him home and both Janet and Jake, his father helped him look after Chubby. In a few days, he was as good as new and Tommy took him back to the woods.

Chubby greeted him everyday after that coming to his lap as soon as he saw his saviour.

Contributing Story Teller: Amita is a budding children’s story teller, poet and a Spiritual Writer. amita17149@hotmail.com

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