Tourists At Merrywood

Picturesque Lake

Tourists At Merrywood

Value: Courage.

“Our ladies club has decided to help make ‘World Tourism Day’, a success,” says Mrs. Melinda Griffith, Melissa’s mom. “What are your plans?” asks her husband. “I am having a meeting here this evening to discuss our plans,” she answers with a smile. Melissa, who is listening to all this while having her mid day snack of milk and nuts, asks, “I want to help too mom, what can I do?” “Get your friends here this evening and we will decide if there is anything for you all to do,” replies her mom. “I’ll do that,” says Melissa finishing her glass of milk.

She finishes her homework and runs to Rocky’s house. Together they reach Lindsay’s home and ring the door bell. “Hi friends, come in,” invites Lindsay. “Come with us to Jenny’s, I have something to tell all of you,” says Melissa. “Alright, wait a sec, while I tell mom,” replies Lindsay, running inside. Rocky and Melissa wait on the porch.

Lindsay comes back and the trio reach Jenny’s house. Jason and Jenny welcome their friends. After listening to Melissa, Jason says, “we should all help in welcoming visitors to our town, which has many attractions for them to see.” “Let’s see what our moms have in mind for us to do,” says his sister, Jennifer. Rocky and Lindsay agree.

They go back home for lunch and their afternoon nap. In the evening,  the ladies gather at Melinda’s house. Melissa and her friends listen to their plans. “Our children can make charts highlighting Merrywood’s main tourist attractions. We can put them up at public places like shopping centres, movie halls and restaurants. What do you think ladies?” questions Mrs. Hudson, Jenny’s mom. “I think it’s a very good idea. Can you do that children?” asks Mrs. White, Lindsay’s mom. “Yes we can and we will,” chorus the kids. “Bravo, that’s settled then. Better start soon so you are ready on time,” smiles Mrs. King, Rocky’s mom.

Mrs. Angela Anderson, the neighbourhood granny, Mrs. Fiona Greenbush, their nearest neighbour and Mrs. Gilbert, another neighbour want to help too. “Mr. John, at the book store can get brochures printed with information about our town,” says Mrs. Griffith. “That’s a wonderful idea. Talk to him and see what he says.”suggests Mrs. Greenbush. “I’ll come with you,” plans Mrs. Gilbert. “I’ll ask my gardener to get some help and arrange chairs and tables for us to sit and welcome the tourists, while the children can distribute the brochures,” says Mrs Anderson. “I will also call my friend to come over and help me make lots of lemonade and cookies for anyone getting hungry,” she adds. “That’s very good of you granny ” says Jenny, with a smile. On the big day, the children dress up in fine clothes.

They accompany their parents to where tables and chairs have been arranged for the ladies to sit. “It’s a good thing we finished putting up our charts yesterday,” says Rocky. “Yes, now we can start distributing brochures to visitors,” speaks Jason. “Mr. Hudson and the other dads are impressed by the pamphlets. “Through these brochures, tourists to Merrywood will learn about the town’s history,” he says. Jason and Rocky are ready with the pamphlets and give one each to the groups of visitors who start arriving soon.

Jenny, Lindsay and Melissa help Mrs. Anderson and her friend arrange the glasses of lemonade and packets of cookies. They have candies for the visiting kids too and very soon Mrs. Anderson’s stall is crowded with thirsty adults and smiling children. Just then, Lindsay’s granny arrives with her cook Maria. They have come from the neighbouring town called Rosewood where granny lives in a cottage.

“Hi mom, how come you are here?” asks Mrs. White, her daughter, giving her a hug. “Well my son told me how you and your friends are promoting tourism day in Merrywood, so I thought I will surprise you,” answers granny, with a smile. Lindsay and her friends meet and greet granny and she takes a seat near Mrs. Anderson.

“I have brought coffee and sandwiches in plenty for us as well as the visitors. Maria prepared everything,” says Lindsay’s granny, smiling at everyone. “Thanks Maria. Knowing you, your sandwiches will not last long,” says Lindsay’s mom. “Don’t worry, the limo is stacked with unending supplies of both,” replies Maria. “I’ll ask our chauffeur to bring more as soon as these get over,” laughs Maria. “Can I have a sandwich?” Hopes Rocky. “Sure, here you are. Why don’t the rest of you have some too?” asks Maria. “Thanks, they are very nice,” says Melissa, tasting one.

The ladies have a sandwich and coffee too and Lindsay and her friends have a glass of lemonade. Later, the friends decide to take some rest and sit at the duck pond nearby. Lots of local people, as well as tourists, are sitting on benches near the pond enjoying the view. Jason watches a small girl run to the edge of the pond trying to catch a duck. Suddenly, she slips and falls into the lake. The girl screams in fright. Her parents get up to pull her up but Jason has already jumped into the pond and rescued the little girl. The girls mother pulls her into her arms and soothes the frightened girl.

“It’s alright, don’t be scared. You are safe, thanks to this brave lad. Your courage and quick thinking is admirable son,” says the woman, gratitude written on her face. The boy’s father hugs Jason saying,” you are a very courageous boy and your parents are lucky to have you as their son.” Jason gives a big grin. “Thanks again,” chorus the man and his wife and go on their way.

The friends go back to the adults and Melissa narrates the incident to everyone saying, “We have a hero for a friend.” “Absolutely right,” chorus the others. “I am very proud of you Jason. Your courage and bravery is commendable,” speaks Mrs. Angela Anderson, granny to all the friends.

The day proceeds and ends on a happy note. Maria serves more coffee, sandwiches, cookies and, lemonade and the leftover candies are divided among the five friends. The town head comes and thanks the ladies and their families for spreading awareness about the picturesque town of Merrywood.

“Hopefully, we will witness more tourists in the coming years, thanks to you ladies for your joint help and support,” replies the gentleman.

Celebrating World Tourism Day: September 27, 2017

Value: Courage

Written By: Amita is a Story Writer and a Spiritual Writer.

To share your feedback, write to her at amita17149@hotmail.com, or leave a comment below.

Photo by Hannu Keski-Hakuni on Unsplash


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