Valerie’s Birthday Gift

Valerie’s Birthday Gift

It was Valerie’s eighth birthday and she was having a party in the lawns of her big mansion ‘Rose Villa’. The house got its name from Rose, the lady of the house.

Valerie’s father was the CEO of a big IT Company and was very well to do. They had ample lawns, a backyard, a

Valerie's Birthday Gift

Jack in the Box

rose garden, a swimming pool and a gym. At the back of the kitchen was a small well-kept kitchen garden. Nina, the cook was very proud of her kitchen garden which she tended lovingly.

Fresh vegetables grew there and Valerie used to come and ask cook to show her which vegetable was going to be cooked that day. Mr. Ramon Smith, the butler was busy directing the housemaids Gwenda and Sally to do up the house nicely in preparation for the party in the evening. Jacob, the gardener has his hands full arranging fresh flowers from the garden into various vases round the house. The entrance hall had a big bowl of red roses which looked really pretty.

The caterers were busy arranging the lawns for the party. Sam, the driver had been sent to the best bakery shop in the town called ‘Heart & Soul’ to get Valerie’s birthday cake. It was a Chocolate Cake in the shape of a clown. It was now 4’o clock and the guests were supposed to come at 6:30 pm. Rose was at the beauty parlour for a special hair-do and makeup. Valerie was being helped by her ayah Peggy to get ready. She was going to wear a Satin dress red in colour with matching gloves, socks and shoes. A red kerchief was put in the pocket of her dress and her hair was adorned with red hair clips and ribbons. She looked charming.

At six sharp Valerie’s closest friends the twins, Matilda and Trudy arrived. They had brought their brother Rupert with them. He was going to sing for them. Then came Diana, Marianne, Natalie, Daisy, Rosalind, Velvet and Tracy. Valerie took them upstairs to her room to keep the gifts on her bed. They then played hide and seek, passing the parcel, musical chairs and treasure hunt. By now the other guest had arrived.

Timothy Burton, Valerie’s father had invited some of his colleagues. The first to come were Jason and his wife Patricia Clark with daughter Vanilla and son Anthony. The other couple to arrive were Mr & Mrs. Black. Sarah and Miles had brought their son Jamie along to the party. He was going to do some stand-up comedy. Then there were two more couples from Timothy’s office, the elderly couple Rex and Tina Rochester and the youngest Clark and Elizabeth Harrison.

The party was in full swing when pretty and sophisticated Alicia arrived with her hubby Clint Blackwood. She was a good friend of Rose and they met for tennis at the Regency Club regularly. Another dear friend of Rose, Annie Baxter came alone because her husband George was out of town on business.

At nearly 7:30, Timothy’s brother Andy and wife Shiroma arrived. They had to pick up their son Adrian and daughter-in-law Nicole on the way. Rose’s mother Victoria came next with son Angus, wife Delia and daughter Angela. They were the last to arrive. After cocktails there was dancing, singing etc and then dinner was served. There were lamb chops, grilled fish, chicken roast and mutton kebabs. Vegetables in cream sauce was mouth-watering. So was the pastas and pizzas especially made by Celia, Victoria Dexter’s maid. Ramon was proudly ushering the guests inside the house for freshening up. The lights in the garden were twinkling brightly and there was a cool breeze blowing. While the guests partook of dinner, a live band played music in the background. Professional singers Kim and Jerry sand Happy birthday and some latest pop songs too.

At last the guests left. Valerie’s friends were first and the last to leave was Rose’s family. They had given a huge doll house to Val and all her friends had given a doll each. The other gifts were a variety of toys, games and books. There was one gift which Valerie opened last because it was kept in a corner. It was given by the twins’ brother Rupert. It was a Jack In The Box. Valerie loved the little fellow and she kept him near her bed.  Every morning when she got up, Valerie played with it and just before falling asleep talked to it.

On the second night of the party, as Valerie was going off to sleep, having said goodnight to her new friend, it replied to her saying “Nite, Nite Val”. She was very surprised and asked “My God, Jack can you talk?” “Only to special people Valerie and you are one of them”. He then told her where and how he had been manufactured and his journey from the toy factory to the largest toy shop in the town called ‘Kidz Paradise’.

Every day, Valerie talked and played with her favourite toy. She called and thanked Rupert for his special gift. Valerie never lacked company after her latest birthday.

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