Visit to Rosewood

“My granny has invited all of us for ‘Grandparents Day’”, says Lindsay.

“Grandpa has gone to visit his brother and granny is alone,” adds Lindsay. “Where is her house?” asks Melissa. “It’s in Rosewood. She has a sweet cottage with a lovely garden where there are swings,” replies Lindsay.

“We will have to get our parents’ permission to go,” observes Rocky. “I know. Why don’t you go home and talk to them and let me know,” speaks Lindsay.

The children get permission to go with Lindsay. She tells them to pack an overnight bag because they will stay there overnight and return the next day. The children are ready with their bags and Lindsay’s dad drives them to his mother’s house.

“Hello gran, how are you?” asks Lindsay, giving her a bear hug. “I’m fine dear. Won’t you introduce me to your friends?”

The friends are introduced and granny gives them a hug each. “It is wonderful to have you all here,” says Mrs. White. She hugs her son and they all troop inside. The dining table is laden with refreshments and lemonade. Maria, the cook cum housekeeper meets them, with a broad grin.

“How are you Maria?” questions Lindsay. “I’m fine missy. It is lovely to have you and your chums here.”

The younger Mr. White takes his leave of the others and heads back home with a promise to come back the next day. The children enjoy talking and playing in the garden. Lunch is served and after they finish eating a tasty meal of vegetable soup, mutton cutlets, and strawberry ice cream, they sit with granny, who tells them interesting stories.

“I’ll be going to the super market for groceries. Is there anything you need granny?” asks Maria. “Just get me some candies for my guests,” smiles granny. “I will,” says Maria, leaving for the shops.

About fifteen minutes later, the door bell rings loudly and Lindsay jumps up to open the main door. It is Janet, granny’s neighbour.

“Mrs. White, my daughter went to walk Bruno, our dog and hasn’t returned yet. She has been missing since an hour. I have sprained my ankle and can hardly walk. Can Maria please go and look for her?”

“Maria is not at home. Come and sit down. We will do something,” assures granny. “She always comes back in ten minutes or so. I’m very worried that something has happened to her. She usually walks on the main road outside our home but I can’t see her anywhere. I called out her name too but nothing happened,” sobs Janet.

“Aunty, please don’t worry. Since Maria is out shopping, we will go and look for her. I’m sure we will find her soon,” says Jason, taking charge. “Will you? How kind of you to offer to look for Eva, my daughter.  “Melissa, stay with the ladies and look after them. I’m sure, aunty will feel better after some lemonade,” decides Rocky.

The four friends leave on their mission. They call Eva’s name and look everywhere but can’t find her. “I wonder where she is,” says Jenny. “Well, we have searched the area around these cottages. I think we will have to go back empty handed,” says Lindsay.

Just as they retrace their steps back home, they hear a scuffling sound and muffled voices. It is coming from a side street a few feet away from their cottage. They run to the street and follow the sounds. “The sound is coming from the corner. Let’s go and see,” says Jason. They come to a ditch and looking inside see Eva and Bruno. “How did you get in there,” questions Lindsay. “Bruno ran after a cat and fell into this ditch. I tried to grab him and fell too” replies Eva, crying. “I tried getting out but couldn’t. I shouted for help but no one heard me,” she adds, with another sob. “Don’t worry, Eva. We will get you out,” says Jason. He lies down with Rocky, Jenny and Lindsay holding each other’s legs. “Try to hand over Bruno to me,” says Jason, bending down and putting out his hands.

Bruno is hauled up and Jason pulls up Eva next. Girl and dog are safe. They troop back home. Janet hugs her daughter, crying with relief.

“You are the best kids I have ever met. Your quick thinking and sharp minds are commendable. Thanks to your thoughtfulness and kindness, my daughter is safe,” says Janet. Bruno barks loudly and Janet says laughingly, “You too Bruno, good dog.” “I don’t know what I would have done without your kind help,” she adds. They go back to their house and granny takes the friends inside and smiles at them saying, “I’m very proud of you four children and you too Melissa. You looked after us ladies very well indeed,” says Mrs. White, patting her on her head.

Maria returns and hears all about their adventure. “What a brave act. You really deserve a treat. I’m going to make a special dinner and in the meantime, I have chicken sandwiches and tea cakes which I will serve in an hour,” announces Maria with a big smile.

Next day, the children are ready to go back home. Granny hands over a goody bag each. “Thanks, granny,” chorus the friends and after big hugs and promises to visit again soon, they leave.” I hear you have been very kind and brave kids. I’ll give you a treat of ice cream on the way,” says Lindsay’s dad.

The children go back laughing and talking about their special holiday.


Celebrating Grandparents Day – 10th September 2017

Written By: Amita is a Story Writer and a Spiritual Writer.

To share your feedback, write to her at amita17149@hotmail.com, or leave a comment below.

Photo by Andrew Branch on Unsplash


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