The ‘Forgotten’ Blue

The ‘Forgotten’ Blue  

“Moving fingers write… and having written move on…Neither all your wit, nor your tears, shall lure it back to cancel half a line…”These lines I read from one of the consoling cards my sister ‘Violet’ gave me..

Hi! I’m Blue, yes, the old color Blue..& today, dear Humans & Not-so-humans, I want to settle some accounts with you…We were three friends- Yellow, Red & I, and as you better know us- ‘the Primary Colors!’ Red for emotions, Yellow for Energy, & I- for youth & Royalty. I was in the ‘Pink’ of my well being during those days. People loved me. From clothes to presents, people chose me over everyone else.

I had my monopoly over the ‘Blue ink’, the denim jeans & so on.. I made my own paradise- my ‘Azure’ castle, guarded by ‘Blue’ Orchids, Sweet ‘Blue Bells’ spread over the grand ‘Indigo’ gate studded with bright ‘Sapphires’. Sky above was crystal blue & earth below deep sea blue..& atmosphere, fresh with blushing ‘Blue’ roses..oh!

“I see it when I close my eyes,
what looks like my ‘Blue’ paradise…
where I’ve Blued everything..
my home a Castle, me a King..”

*sigh* But then, what a day may bring, a day may take away..Soon enough, my friends started feeling ‘Green’..if you know what i mean… And they created an army of colors taking away the colors from my life. You too, started liking the ‘Red roses’, the ‘Red’ carpet, named Jaipur the ‘Pink’ city, started the ‘Green’ & the ‘White’ revolution, liked the tune of the Rockband ‘Green Day’ & oh..i could go on & on..

For whose sins am I paying, I would like to know? Not even once in my moon, I mean the ‘Blue’ moon did you think of me. You discolored my little hue in the rivers, you replaced my soothing blue clouds in air with your dusty ‘Black’ ones.. You smashed my paradise into pieces & all you have to show me now is that wicked smile of yours! Good Lord! Wearer only knows where the shoe pinches! Even I’ve started feeling ‘Red’. But I’ve not yet lost all hope..

Indian sportsmen are called the “men in ‘Blue’ “, people still die for that one ‘look’ from the ‘Blue’ eyes, & according to the color therapy, I’ve healing properties, the lighter part of me helps in calming down, the turquoise me helps to make conversations good, I stand for loyalty. You may try to curb me out of my domain, but I’ll come-out of the Blue- of course, to carry forth the legacy of my color & soon, you’d see a ‘Blue Revolution’!!

Contributed By: Mansi Sharma mansi.s1992@yahoo.com

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