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My Magic Wand

My Magic Wand

I got a magic wand as a gift from the fairy. Don’t know what to do first with it. But my heart says I should first use it for some good purpose. So my brain is fizzing with ideas. First I went to my nearest bakery to buy some fresh bread. There, I saw a poor girl begging on the road for money. Nobody cared for her.

She went and knocked on the windows of the cars, cried to the motorists but none of them gave her even a single penny. It’s time to use my magic wand! A flashing idea (light bulb) appeared! Just waved it and ordered four cakes with strawberry, chocolate, buttercotch & pineapple flavor.

Within two seconds, the girl’s hand was full of cakes of different flavors. She blinked but looked very happy and ran down the street. I just followed her to see what she was doing. She offered the cakes to all the kids and soon she is surrounded by atleast fifteen kids.

The girl doesn’t know what to do.

Again, it’s time for my magic wand! Just waved it and this time, fifteen flavoured cakes came into the hands of each kid. Their tummy is filled and for me, my heart is filled with joy.

With this happiness I woke up and realized it’s all a dream, but a lovely dream!

Contributed by: Uma Sudharshan, umasudharshan@yahoo.com


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