What I AM

Overcoming the darkness of a drowsy night, I wake up to the morn. I’m the first dew that falls from a leaf embracing the earth that soaks it within itself. I’m the morning rays that spreads far into the seas making it glow like gold. I’m that rooster’s call that awakens the dead to life again. I’m that cool breeze which flows at the bank of holy rivers. I’m that heat of summer that burns the skins of earthlings. I’m that shade of the mango tree that cools down your souls. I’m that cube of ice which you tend to save till your drink lasts in the glass. I’m that unfolded book of life wherein blank pages tell a lifeless story.

I’m the breeze of summer nights, I’m the snow from winter, and I’m the rain from the monsoons & the wind from the autumn. I’m a student everyday. Life teaches me to live. I’m a teacher the other times. I teach myself how to learn from life. I’m that hard work which always pays off. I’m that poetry that is never written. I’m that story which is never told & I’m that melancholy strain that is never heard. I’m the merry song from Christmas. I’m the colorful stain on the white linen from HOLI & I’m the light from DIWALI. I’m a hug from Id. I’m the celebration of life. Life celebrates me & you. Each of you is in me & I am in you.

I’m the book that records life in it. I’m the witness to all crimes. I’m the judgment & the punishment. I’m the evidence, I’m the law, and I’m the court & the crowd. I’m the incident & the accident, I’m dead yet alive. I’m the problem & the solution. I’m professional yet unemployed. I’m poor yet I have all the riches in the world. I’m the time, I’m the feelings embedded in it & I’m the memory associated with it.

I’m an earthling & yet I’m an alien to my own land. I’m the price hike & I’m the commodities. I’m the voter & the government. I’m the law & the law breaker. I’m the silent prayer whispered to lord & I’m the loud ‘Bhajan’ sung in temples. I’m the ‘Namaz’ read five times a day. I’m a part of this holy yet unholy world. I’m known yet I’m missing. I’m mortal & yet I’ve lived for decades. I’m life in KALYUGA! I’m you!!

Contributed By: ADITI BAKSHI bogus_bonafide@yahoo.co.in

I’m a freelance writer currently studying in my 12th std. I’ve attended the creative writing workshop conducted by writer & critic VIJAY NAIR and hence, have got my formal training about article, short story, novel, screenplay writing & poetry writing from the former. I pursue great interest in any form of writing & I’m currently working on my first novel.

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