The Cigarette Seeker

 The Cigarette Seeker     

A family lived in old Alipur, Kolkata. Their house was big and double storey with ample space and green lawns. There was a swing in the garden for the children of the house. The big, fat burly guard who sat at the main gate of the house was very strict and unapproachable. No one could get past the gate without his permission.

One night the family was gathered around the dining table happily enjoying home cooked delicacies. Suddenly, a small commotion could be heard on the front verandah. The two brothers living in that joint family rushed to find out what had happened. They saw the guard grappling with a young, well dressed man. The guard told his employers that this man did not stop at the gate and wanted to meet the male inhabitants of the house.

The intruder wanted a small favour and then he would go on his way. The younger of the 2 brothers wanted to call the police but the elder one stopped him. He asked the intruder what was it he wanted.

Everyone was surprised when the young man asked for some cigarettes. He said he had no money and wanted to smoke. He also mentioned that he had no family or home to go to for help. His eyes moved from here to there in a crazy fashion but he continuously kept asking only for a cigarette. The older brother gave him a pack of Wills Cigarettes and surprisingly, the well dressed but crazy fellow thanked his saviour and went on his way. The younger brother was still not happy about this incident and warned the guard to be more careful next time.

Many months passed but the crazy cigarette seeker wasn’t to be seen again. For him, every happiness was to be had in smoking and everyone deduced that after going to all the nearby houses, he must have gone to the next locality, again, begging for just cigarettes.

Contributed By: Madhuri

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