Dental Problems – Alternate Therapy

Dental Problems – Alternate Therapy

Bad dental line acted as a spoilsport for a talented seven year Chinese prodigy! Chinese friends can learn a lot from Indian Ayurveda, an alternative therapy to tackle dental problems. Unlike costly tooth pastes , these things are easily available. Medical studies inform constant use of floride is detrimental to our health. Ayurveda therapists explain that following things could be done to deal with dental problems

Toothache: Neem tree bark is used by millions of Indians. It is an effective remedy to get rid of dental problems.
All you have to do is clean it properly. Then, please chew it for a while.
Later use it as a brush. After few minutes, throw it away.
Then, rinse your mouth with fresh water.

Benefits: Regular use of Neem tree bark eradicates yellowness.
It nourishes tooth and stops bleeding.
It helps to remove cavities between our dental lines.

Neem is also known for its other curative properties.

-It is also used as anti septic properties.
-One can use its leaves by boiling them in Luke warm water.
-This water can be used to rinse your mouth.
Benefits: Experts recommend it for mouth ulcers and bad oral breath.

Some other tips
-It has been found tooth massage strengthens gums.
-One can simply use forefingers and thumb to rub dental line.
-Always rinse your teeth after a meal or a drink.
-Try to resist from smoking. We all know smoking leads to bad dental hygiene.
-Tobacco is a major life killer. WHO studies inform ,it leads to oral cancer. Please resist from it.
-Use more and more milk products such as yoghurt, cheese because these provide necessary calcium.

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