Feminism – On Women’s Day

Feminism – On Women’s Day  

Today “Its Life” the Sunday edition of times of India has a very nice article on Feminism.

With Women’s Day, approaching on 8th March, I was amused to read various views on equality among men and women. Later i went shopping and forgot all about it. At lunch, an incident occurred that brought my thoughts back to the article.  My husband off late, has started washing his plate after lunch on Sundays as i do mine. Being from a family where i have seen my father and brother help in the house, it is just a way of living for me. Today while we were having lunch, his mother (my MIL) tells him to not wash the plate and leave it.

She adds she will wash it, as she washes his father’s plate too! When my husband says its not a big deal, she insists saying-she does not like it when he washes his plate. (Of course I, his wife should be washing his plate but knowing I have allergies on my palm she cannot tell me so directly. )

Mother and son debate for a few seconds and later even as my husband proceeds to wash his plate. I smile, as my thoughts rush to Jerry pinto’s paragraph in the Times wherein one of the lines state-the day parents shall start saving equal money for education of sons and daughters alike…..

This is the reality of our society. A so called modern mother in law who wears western clothes and goes to a gym daily and is so enamored by USA living, does not like her son washing his one plate. This is our society in true form.

Yes, our society is somewhat better off than what it was 20 yrs back but we have a long way to go before we speak of equality among men and women.

I wish to see feminism in its true form someday in our daily lives, for that’s when we will know it has arrived. I only hope, that day is brought about by the women of my generation who rear their sons and daughters on an equal footing.

Contributed By: Shamontika Guha shamontika@gmail.com

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