Flashback 2007 – A Look at the Year 2007

Flashback 2007 – A Look at the Year 2007

Happy New Year Welcome aboard on the journey down the long memory lane, Taking a glance at significant events of the Year 2007,Some with joy, some with pain

Swiss Tennis Ace Roger Federer defeated Roddick,
equaling the record of successive grand slam titles at the Australian open tourney.
Stable Economy and surge of the IT Industry, inspite of stronger rupee,
Saw Sensex breeze through the 14K to 20K journey.

In the month of March, it was World cup Cricket in the West Indies,
Aussies defeated Sri-Lanka to win the cup, successively thrice
The tournament saw record scores, upsets, Close matches,
Last but not the least, the unfortunate incident of Bob Woolmer’s Demise.

Leading Heroine Aishwarya Rai married Star, Jr Bacchan in Mumbai, Conducted as a family function, there were very few who came to grace. Sunita Williams of Indian origin landed back on earth safely, After completing a record 195 days in space

Indian Democratic Republic saw their first Lady president, It was Pratibha Patil of the Maharashtra State
In July, Nature’s fury packed a punch in East India, Leaving Over 600 dead and millions homeless, as the river Ganges was in spate

Serial blasts were triggered in a park and an eating joint,
It was in the city of Hyderabad, where at least 40 were dead.
Terror struck again, it was in courts of Varanasi, UP,
Killing lawyers and injuring many, linked were the 2 blasts, it is said.

Indian cricket team won the World T20 Championship in South Africa
Highlight was Yuvraj’s six sixes in a row, which set the stands on flames
Vishwanathan Anand retained his world no. 1 ranking in chess,
Defeating Hungary’s Leko, winning 4 out of 14 games.

Spin maestro Muralitharan surpassed Warne’s tally
of 709 test wickets Finishing the year on top gear.
Late December, series of gunshots and a terrible bomb blast killed
Former PM of Pakistan, Benazir, ending a dynamic political career

Now its time to wish good-bye to year 2007, And welcome year 2008.
Hope the coming year we will see less of hate, less of wait, And many more events that are great. Wish you again a Happy & Prosperous ‘2008’

Contributed By: Ramasubramaniam V –  I am software project manager, working in Bangalore. I try to write rhyming verses on special occasions as a hobby. vramsub@sify.com

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