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Today is Hindi Divas! But do we sincerely respect our official national language! Many claim that Hindi is being neglected by its own speakers! As long as pseudo Hindi speakers are there, Raj Thackeray and his ilk will have their say. -Hindi is the only language in this nation, which is always used as a cash crop by different segments. Politicians often speak in Hindi to impoverished electorate in BIMARU region

-Those who talk about Kalavatis hardly speak in Hindi in their personal lives.

-Bollywood (sic) uses it to make films where main characters speak Hindi dialogue but written in roman script. You may no longer find beautiful lyrics by Neeraj and Shailender.

-It’s the only language where bland poetry, short stories and literature as a whole gets rewarded but talented scholars are overshadowed by networkers.

How many really care for … Renu or Jaishankar Prasad

-Perhaps, it is the only language where only Babu ji of a film actor cum networker rules but great poets be it Pant,Nirala, Mahadevi verma and gopal das Neeraj are ignored.

-No noted literary fest, or literary agency takes interest in Hindi literature. Perhaps, all Hindi writers don’t go to premier educational institutes, join elite professions and write about upper crust!

-It’s the only language which has given birth too many successful advertisements but few copy writers wish to write about it.
-Electronic News Mediums always prefer anglophile, even if news is about Jhumri Talliyya or Dalton gunj.

-TV news coverage shows many former presidents and prime ministers hardly spoke in Hindi.

-Can one use Hindi in Chennai, Dimapur or Kashmir!

– Whenever innocent human beings are beaten up, their livelihood is at stake, no politician, film actor, literary personality takes on rabble rousers and say- Let us sort it out but do not harass laypersons!

If Hindi is surviving, its credit goes to laypersons who accept it as way of life. If it is doomed, then it is all because of so called Babu ji s and their baccheys!

Glossary: Babuji: Father Bacchey: Kids

Contributed By: Ashish Dimri is a practicing wordsmith. Contact him : ashishdimri1@gmail.com

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