Nehru Trophy Boat Race

Nehru Trophy Boat Race        

As part of an effort to obtain the International status for the prestigious and esteemed boat race of Kerala, the Nehru Trophy Boat Race, Kerala State Sports Council decided to make unified rules for this competition.

The secretary of council G.Kishore said that a draft by-law has already been prepared for it. As the next step, it would present this to the general body including representatives of boat clubs in Alappuzha and subsequently, submit it to the state Government. The new rule categorizes championship in six groups. Along with it, the length of boats, number of rowers, length of oars was suggested to be unified. Registration will be granted to clubs and boats.

The council has to cross some hurdles to get an International status for the Nehru Trophy Boat Race, which is organized annually at the Punnamada backwaters in Alappuzha. The very first step is to assure state championship status to this boat race, which attracts thousands of domestic and foreign travelers.

Next step is the formation of a national federation of related parties.  Only then it can contact related International organizations.

Presently, the participation in the boat race is confined to local boats only. However, it got a new dimension as a team of foreign women rowed in the championship in 2006 – 2007. But their participation was only in the race of ‘Veppu Boats’. The main attraction and elegance of the championship is the competition of ‘Chundan Boats’.  It is almost similar to dragon boats in China and Singapore. If Championship gets an International status, it will present a new face to the Chundan Boat Races. The participation of more foreigners can help to boost sports tourism in Kerala.  Experts assess that there are many infrastructural elements for it in Kerala. They also added that the relevance for Nehru Trophy Boat Race through International participation will be beyond expectations.

Nehru Trophy International Boat Race – Part 2

Contributed By: C. Radhakrishnan is an English Journalist and writes articles in National Dailies. He writes articles on topics such as history, politics, business, environment and tourism in Kerala. chelangatt@yahoo.com


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