Beating The Recession Blues

Beating The Recession Blues   

Recession – The best time to innovate ‘Recession-hit’ may soon be the next latest addition to the Oxford English Dictionary. If the number of times it has been used in the last year is anything to go by…I think we have a clear winner! While for most it means lay-offs, pink slips, and goodbye to the good life, welcome simple life; some actually manage to deal with it really well – the key is to innovate and be resourceful. How you look at it makes all the difference.

Here are a few feasible tips that will steer you through:

‘Your colleagues grumble about their wife’s cooking but swear by your wife’s cheese risotto and chilli chicken’ – Now’s the time to put it to good use. The next time they invite themselves over or demand a dabba, casually sneak in a bill, VAT, Service Tax et al in place. No price is too big for good home-made food every day. After all, the key to a big bank balance is through another man’s stomach.

“The home theatre you bought last year still burning a hole in your pocket with its steep electricity bill?’ – You don’t have to stash it in some corner of your house yet. The next time everyone wants to catch the latest flick, use it to give them a movie theatre like experience at your own house. Couch seating, cola and popcorn chargeable obviously.

‘Think of new and innovative ways to get out of hosting the birthday, anniversary, Diwali, and New Year parties your friends insist you throw. Sample this, “my son’s allergic to cakes Mr. Kumar, a birthday party is completely out of question?”, or better still, start throwing carefully planned hints to your friends about how much you love surprise parties.

‘Holidays usually turn out to be expensive affairs. However, they work wonders in keeping your mind off the recession blues. Instead of burning a hole in your pocket going to already overcrowded exotic locales, think innovative. Land up your relative’s place unannounced for the summer professing your deep faith in familial bonding as the elixir for rejuvenation and settle down for a few weeks enjoying the famous Indian hospitality. Ignore all hints of their conspicuous unease and discomfort till they threaten to do the same to you next year.

‘Tired of wearing the same clothes every week, and your peanuts of a paycheque stops you from buying more outfits? Dig out your old college bellbots and polka dots and claim that the 60s are back with a bang. Pooh pooh your friends for being so uptight and refusing to acknowledge what’s ‘in’ this season.

WARNING: Following all the above advice to the T may be injurious to health or may cause people to snub you or run away at the mere sight of you. But don’t get discouraged, it is just an indicator of how well you are managing even in times of recession, and a little malice and resentment should not.

Contributed By: Rajvi Gupta, Pursuing MA in English and Communication Studies, BA English-Lady Shri Ram college. raajvi_gupta@yahoo.com

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