Health & Lifestyle : Weight Loss

Health & Lifestyle : Weight Loss

Summary: In our day to day battle, there are so many problems that every one of us are facing such as terrorism, economic recession, global warming etc., we may or may not have control over them. But there is one thing that is more dreadful than these issues, which is controllable. It is none other than Obesity. I have focused on world’s most trusted and the fastest way to fight it. It is simple and yet more powerful. Read the full article and unleash the secret. World’s trusted and fastest way to bid Adieu to obesity! Obesity, this is a universal problem in almost every city. Today’s modern world comprises one billion adults having this problem. According to the statistics the obesity increase rate is at an alarming 33-50% every few years.

We don’t realize that we are not burning our calories daily. One fine day, when we comb our hair, something might grab our attention like the wrinkles on our face, a grey strand of hair that is popping out like weeds and then we realize that we have heaps of wealth everywhere around our body. It all seemed to have happened in the blink of an eye. Imagine a short, slender, little girl who weighed just 40 kgs. Boom!! Abracadabra, when and how did she become like this. Do you think this problem is just limited to me or to you or you? Definitely not. Today this is a global issue. The numbers I shared with you are the global statistics related to obesity. I will share with you, three points that I think contributed to a round shape body even if it is not athletic.

While munching that bag of fried chips or gulping a goblet of ice cream, we forget that we are not a short, slender, little girl anymore. The grey hair and wrinkles should have told us that our metabolism is slowing down. When we are so busy chasing time and money, do we sit around and worry about metabolism. We humans, don’t we love food? We serve food to celebrate birth, to mourn death and everything and anything that comes between those two. My introspection made me realize to realize that I need to learn, when to put a full stop or comma or question mark to food eating. After the all round development I learned to make right food choices at the right time and in the right amount.

Yes, food was possibly one culprit that resulted in this all round development. But was that the sole reason, for why we are out of shape. Think for a moment. So, firstly, it is the awareness of eating what food, what quantity and when it should be taken.

Do you think lack of proper exercise is another possible reason? I always thought I’m getting enough exercise, because I am running behind time or money. I seem to be in a running race with others in my life. I was worried, if I stop running, I would lose the race. So I kept running constantly. I presumed all of these counts towards my exercise. My bad luck, any of this exercise did not help. I should have listened to my heart or to my physician and exercised all these years. After some probing, I realized, I need to exercise 30 minutes a day to ensure my round shape goes away. Secondly, it is the proper workout (even if it is a simple workout), which needs to be habituated every morning. Is food and lack of exercise the only reason for an all round development?

What is the role of lifestyle in the way we look? Can we blame Industrialization, modernization and technology for increased obesity levels world wide. Choices, choices. Don’t we have more choices today compared to the ones we had 10 years back. Let’s start making smarter choices because we have more options now. Remember the three things we talked about.

Food is very important to live, but do not live to eat food. Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet. Make sure you exercise for 30 minutes everyday and ensure it is a family activity. Thirdly, choose an active lifestyle and never feel lazy mentally, and this mental laziness is the one which pushes one to be physically lazy.

All the three choices are interrelated as the morning exercise will tune up your attitude to be mentally active. So, learn to make better life style choices by being more active at home as well as work. Do you agree with me that food, exercise and life style choices are main reasons for increased obesity? What food, what quantity and When?

Dos:- Take a glass of lemon juice with honey as the first drink of the day prior to workout. Next, 30 min work out. Do not lift weights. Only take help of cardio exercises like treadmill, cross trainers?etc or Aerobics. (Note: – Consult a physician before choosing the workout).

For Breakfast, take a lighter food like, one bowl of oats and one glass of fresh juice or two wheat breads and two egg-whites (strictly no yolk) and a glass of buttermilk/ milk.
For lunch, I recommend a fairly good quantity of food with more priorities given to half-baked vegetables.
For dinner, take the lightest food. May be two egg-whites or two wheat breads and a glass of fresh juice or buttermilk or a bowl of fruit/vegetable salads.

Don’t:- Non-vegetarian dishes
Junk foods like burgers or pizzas etc
Ice creams, butter and dairy products etc
Sweets, ghee etc

Contributed By: Mrinalini I’m a budding writer and I love writing articles and stories for children during my free time. Writing is my passion. I have completed my Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication. mrinabharane@yahoo.com.au

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