Cold Vs Cold Blooded – Importance of Humanity

Cold Vs Cold Blooded – Importance of Humanity     

It was the month of December and all of us were shivering with cold. We had to wear two to three layers of body warmers, sweaters etc to keep out the cold.

On one such terribly cold evening, the doorbell rang and I opened the door to find an old acquaintance come to visit. She had brought her house help too. The lady was aptly dressed for the winters. She sat in my living room and asked her maid to wait outside on the verandah. I had noticed the poor woman was shivering since she had no woolens on. After chatting for a while, I asked the maid to come and sit inside since it was very cold and windy outside. I started going to the kitchen to make tea when the visitor stopped me saying her maid would do the same.

I followed the maid to the kitchen and showed her where the tea leaves, sugar etc. were kept. I came back and asked my guest why was it that her companion was not wearing even one shawl in this cold. She replied with a sarcastic expression on her face. “I give her so many, you know, but how much can I give. She passes on the clothes to her daughters. Let her be, you don’t need to worry.” I really felt awful and going to my bedroom, took out the only pure wool blouse I had. I went to the shivering old woman in my kitchen and asked her to stop making tea for a minute.

She turned to me with a puzzled expression on her weather- beaten face. “Please wear my woolen blouse first before you do anything since I cannot look at you like this and enjoy my tea.” The woman thanked me profusely and put on the blouse shyly. I helped her with the buttons because her fingers were numb with cold. I felt better after this. Later I found some more clothes for her children which she made into a parcel smiling happily. While the maid was having her tea in the kitchen, I begged my visitor not to allow her maid to accompany her anywhere without at least a shawl on her sagging shoulders.

The woman said – “Why do you worry about her. She will manage. They are all like this, wearing nothing so they get more. Thus laughing she went away with the poor maid clutching her small package and her employer’s extra shawls and sweaters. Later, on remembering this incident I thought to myself, maybe the cold had turned my friend’s warm blood into cold blooded disregard for humanity.

Contributed By: Vallari likes to share her views based on real experiences.

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