Uma an Ordinary Woman

Uma an Ordinary Woman – Memories of a Simple & Kind Woman

When I had my Caesarian baby, I had kept a Massage woman (maalish wali) called Uma. She used to take Rs 5 per day for giving me a massage, massaging and bathing by new borm baby and washing our clothes. Though unbelievable, this was the rate she charged 25 years back.

She was very good at her work and never asked for more than what was fixed per day.

Uma was a middle aged, Christian woman with a unique zest for life. She was employed by us for a few months but used to visit us from time to time later on too. I used to give her food and old clothes, slippers and especially pain killers prescribed by my doctor husband for her knee pain and back ache problems. She used to travel by bus to different areas. She was a very religious woman and always said that she would pray to Jesus for the welfare of my family.

One day she came and told me a surprising tale. She said that she was standing at the bus stop and was approached for some directions by 2 youths. She said to me that after talking to them she fainted and on coming to, noticed her hand bag missing. She warned me about such people who hypnotized others and stole their belongings. I was very shocked to hear her and made her have tea and biscuits to calm her nerves. I asked her not to stand alone anywhere especially in the afternoons. Every Christmas, she would bring homemade cake and other goodies for us. Uma still comes to meet us and my daughter regularly.

Contributed By: Madhuri

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