First Day At Work

First Day At Work      

It was a mixed feeling of tension and anxiety for them, as it was their first day as Trainee Yamadoot in Yamalok, the palace of Yamaraj (God of Death). Yamaraj summoned the two new recruits and gave them the first assignment to fetch 5 people who nearly completed their tenure on prithvilok (Earth) and were to be brought to Yamalok. Yamadoots went in search of their victims. They found prithvilok (Earth) very beautiful and were totally mesmerized. They wandered everywhere for the whole day. Suddenly, they realized that they have to go back to Yamalok after accomplishing their task otherwise they will be fired.

The best part was that they lost the list of people given by Yamaraj. However, they remembered that they have to 5 persons so they decided to pick their victims in a random order.  First they went and caught a Common Man. He was very submissive he did not show any signs of resistance.

He came easily along with them. Then they went to a 12 year old boy who was returning from his school. He requested them to allow him to play. Yamadoots gave him some time but ultimately got him. Next they approached a businessman who was about to leave for USA. He requested that I have to meet Bill Gates and start a new project. Yamadoots got him too. On their way Yamadoots saw a Software Engineer with his laptop. They decided to fetch him too and succeeded. Lastly they reached a politician’s abode. Politician refused to go and he created the rift between the two of them using his diplomacy and ran away. But finally he was caught. In Yamalok, Yamaraj was getting impatient and could wait no more. He decided to fire the two trainee Yamadoots. Next moment he was delighted to see the 5 victims with the trainees. He immediately summoned Chitragupta.

Chitragupta was already there with their record of sins and holy karmas. He found some error and said “ Boss, these were not the 5 persons who we want.” Yamaraj was furious and was ready to sack the two trainees. But the matter in hand was what to do with these 5 persons? Chitragupta suggested retaining one of them and sending other four. “How?” asked Yamaraj.

To this Chitragupta said “These mortals have desire to live long. They will plead you for a long life. Then you can put your condition that they have to do something for this Yamalok then only they will be allowed to go back.” Yamaraj liked the idea. Everything went as per the plan. All the 5 persons came and pleaded for their long life. Yamaraj put forth his condition. First the Software Engineer came forward and said, “I will create a new software for you with GPS (Global Positioning System) technology so that you can trace your yamadoots. For this I need to go back to Earth. However, I will send my two trainee programmers for onsite operations (Yamalok).” Yamaraj agreed to send him back.

Businessman mustered the courage and came up with an idea of setting up a mobile connection between Earth and Yamalok and giving free handsets to each and every body residing in Yamalok. Yamaraj liked his idea also. Young boy came and said, “Give me a chance to go back to earth and make the world a beautiful place to live in because I am the future of my nation.” Yamaraj allowed him to go.

Politician came and said, “I am silently working for the benefit of Yamalok for last 10 years.” Yamaraj exclaimed, “Really!” Politician said, “Yes, I have been sending millions of people to your Yamalok in the name of communal riots, scams, party feuds and elections. I will continue to do so” Yamaraj smiled.

It was common man who did not resist to his death. He said I cannot do anything different and uncommon for your Yamalok, because I am a Common Man. Yamaraj said, “Come with me, I will take you to Heaven so that you can lead an uncommon life after the death.” Yamaraj took a sigh of relief. But what happened to our trainee Yamadoots? Much to everybody’s surprise they were promoted as the Senior Yamadoots because it was their folly, which got free mobile connection and GPS software for Yamalok.

Contributed By: Anju Kotwani, is a freelance writer and likes to pen down her thoughts on day to day events. anjukotwani@gmail.com

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