World’s Best Teacher

World’s Best Teacher

Who is a teacher? The question sounds so simple, but it’s not.

A teacher is not just a person who teaches her/his students in school. The perfect teacher is the one who teaches his/her students throughout their lives. I respect this profession, and I know everyone does. I want to share a story of a girl who got inspired by her teacher, and today she is at a position of which she never even dreamt of. And that girl is me, my teacher inspired me, she motivated me and guided me in the right direction.

Whatever I have achieved till now is because of her encouragement. Believe me no one can be like her. I met her when I was in class 10th. When every other teacher used to criticize me she used to stand by me and encourage me. Her support, her love and encouragement is still there with me. Whenever I feel demotivated I talk to her, I have never looked back in my life after meeting her.

Today I am doing my MBA. I never thought of it as I was not worth it, but her inspiration made it possible. She is more than a teacher to me, now my ambition is to make her feel proud. I will do it and I can do it because her inspiration is always there with me. Undoubtedly, she is the best teacher of this world and a perfect human being.
I owe my success to her and thank god for bringing her in my life.

Contributed By:   Shafali Sharma is doing her MBA FINAL Year. shafali_sharma55@yahoo.com

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