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Choose Life: Life vis a vis Death

Moments don’t die out rather they transform and sublimate to memories. So in absolute or relative sense it is about transformation and evolution of one state to another and not death, as death etymologically means a full-stop/pause. Chronologically every being and becoming is part of the consistent and constant evolutionary process that technically speaking is an up gradation of the earlier version. Life is all about mastering the survival instincts and techniques. We defy and stand above death in our daily existence and it signifies even if we are aware of the ultimate harsh reality we don’t meekly yield to it. we tower over the tide and tower tall and look straight in to the face of death and chuckle. Its like seemingly though we appear to be engulfed by death itself we don’t embrace it without fighting. A fighter (though arithmetic’s of life could mean a loser) is still a winner.

Having a spine to fight or combat the daily exacting demands of life is a winning process per se. Perhaps those demands keep us little busy and selfish. However “just not returning a call properly” feeling is too early to say that the past dreams of togetherness is defunct now. Could not we be a wee bit Quixotic to say past dream has metamorphosed to a better dream as the past dream seen together could have given you a little spark of happiness of escapism from the daily drudgeries of life…it had given you something to temporarily cheer about and that’s what is life.. hoping against hope and be cheerful about and life is too short or little to be sad about anything..

Also the dream must have over the period of time evolved to be a better dream tinged with a dash of realism .. of course the co-traveller /way-farer of the dream could have been replaced.. and again that’s what is evolution/adaptability all about.. So rather we need to look forward to life with great hope enthusiasm and cheerfulness and not through the narrow prism of death.. its just a temporary pause before a journey of higher end and pursuit begins… Also there is not and there never should be a contented heart.. Contentment or happiness is all about spreading happiness.. not keeping it confined to self. then it becomes selfish.. End of the day how many happy hearts I leave behind should be the guideline and criteria for acceptance of bodily death… Mostly we don’t fear death but worry about how many things are left behind the schedule undone before willy nilly resigning to the inescapable/inevitable..

Realistically all great people with a tag of immortality attached to their ex-id cards have defied death squarely and stood tall beyond death… So we need to have a little cheerful hindsight and laugh over the momentous moments and not as a resignation of past but as a sublimation of past “fare forward oh my co-traveler”… The pursuit should persist as the desire dies … Also lets upgrade our versions with better anti-virus/firewall system

Contributed By:  Preetam Das  preetam_78@rediffmail.com

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