A Twist in the Tale: FOX & The CROW

A Twist in the Tale: FOX and The CROW

Scene 1

Baby fox was strolling in the courtyard of her house, eating bread and jam.
She was happily singing and nibbling at the bread.
A crow saw it. He decided to snatch the bread from her.
He kept on watching her movements. When she was little away from the door of her house, he dived on her and took away the bread. The bread the baby fox was eating. Bread had jam on it.

The baby fox, for a moment, was in a shock But when she realized her loss, she cried a lot. Mama fox came out and knew about the baby’s bout with the crow. The mama fox consoled the baby and counseled her to take her revenge from the dirty raven. The baby fox waited a little to grow, before she could teach a lesson to the crow.

Scene 2
The baby fox had grown little old and bold. We will call her,” Miss Fox”. She went into the Wood to get some wood for the mama’s stove. There she saw the crow sitting on the branch of a tree, having his brunch of toast and jam, he had plucked off some baby.

Miss Fox saw her chance. She began to dance. The crow gazed and was also amazed. Miss Fox said,” Dear crow, you have a lovely voice as I know. Please sing a song so that I could dance along”. The crow sang at its full. Miss Fox danced wild but got tired after a while.

The bread did not fall. The crow is also a clever bird after all.

He had taken the bread in his claw prior to opening his mouth to sing. That is the reason this story has a flaw.

Crow had heard about this story at school.

Moral: “One must apply prudence ahead of obedience”.

1. You can safely assume that the bread fell down and fox took it away.
2. Suggest another end to this story, if you please.

Contributed By:  TC Sharma, retired Army man. Writes for fun tcsharma2006@gmail.com

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