What Freedom Means to Me

What Freedom Means to Me

As I sit down to think of what freedom really means to me, I realize that it is perhaps the Best Gift that GOD can Bless You with Freedom One word, varied meanings. Freedom to me ,is to listen to that faint but firm noise of my conscience and to act according to the instruction of my Soul, even if it may seem thoroughly impractical at times…

To do what my conscience feels is right, even if it may not always be the norm

To think differently and act on the same lines, even if it is not understood by others in the same way as I see and feel it…To be able to live my life on my own terms. On Terms whose definition and meaning maybe entirely different from what the world knows….In doing things that would make me truly internally happy.
Such as having a precious dream of my own. Which I can cherish and nurture each day, thereby giving my life a new dimension

Freedom to do things which I want to and not always have to

Freedom to follow the path in life where my soul leads me to … To listen to the voice of my soul, which forever keeps knocking the chambers of my heart but is met with stiff resistance from my mind… Freedom to be able to take decisions from the soul, wherever there is a dispute between the heart and the mind…

Freedom to me also means to be able to detach myself at times, from all the attachments that keep me away from chasing my dreams… To a place where I am not answerable to anyone for my personal actions except to my own being…
Alas!!! Freedom to write my own story of Life on this planet, even if, I am the only one who will ever read and understand it …

But, at the end of the day and hopefully towards the end of my life ,I would be truly happy to say , that I have been Really Free and that celebration of Freedom for me was not just limited to a day on the calendar , but was felt and experienced in each and every breath of my very being…

After all, Freedom, irrespective of the state of my mind, heart or body, is a feeling where my Soul is soaring forever high and is in a state of Eternal Bliss….

Contributed By:  Dhanya George dhanya.george25@gmail.com


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