Inspirational Story About a Hardworking Girl

Inspirational Story About a Hardworking Girl

‘Life is an attitude of the mind’. This was disclosed to me in no uncertain terms by a simple girl I once knew. She worked at our home. She was our sweeper. She was about fifteen years of age, fair and pretty. She had a sweet face and a charming smile. Every morning, she arrived with her brooms and buckets, cleaned the toilet and picked up the garbage. Though she did such menial work, her clothes were always clean and so was her person. She wore accessories everywhere and gave me an account of what was happening in my neighbours’ households every day. She worked deftly but with ease, as if her work was both important as well as enjoyable.

I used to admire her unflagged dedication to her daily routine, while looking like a dainty maid. She wore anklets on her feet which jingled when she walked and announced her arrival even before she knocked on our door. She was a friendly person and spoke to everyone politely. She was willing to do some extra work for those who needed help.

Every Diwali I would give her clothes for her family which she took away happily, sometimes asking for a trinket to match her dress. Due to her circumstances, she had to give up studies. However, despite this, she had an inquisitive mind and inquired about anything and everything. Now that I live elsewhere, there are no sweepers to do the work, only a man who picks up garbage from outside. I sometimes miss this young chatterbox who not only did my work but also regaled me with tales of laughter and surprises.

This simple young girl taught me a very big lesson of life, that life should be lived with the right attitude and no work should be deemed beneath our doing. Circumstances in our life change with the times but if we have the correct attitude and desire we can lead a fulfilling life and happily too. Our mind plays havoc sometimes and we get swayed by negative thoughts. This has to be avoided at all costs. We have been sent to this world with every tendency to live a life of peace and joy, but bad experiences make us incapable of being a staid and reliable human being which God wanted of us.

So every time you meet a new person remember you can learn something new from him or her. Though these people might not be important or rich and famous they definitely help you to change your fixed wrong beliefs and help you to perceive life in a new and better way.

Contributed By: Amita  amita17149@hotmail.com

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