Honesty – Inspirational Real Life Tale

Honesty – Inspirational Real-Life Tales

This is an incident that took place in the year 1992 when I was at a junior level in my career & in need of money. I was working as an RMO in a charitable trust dispensary near Gandhinagar, Gujarat. The village had a population of more than 8000 & atleast one person was working in each police station of Gujarat. The dispensary was so trustworthy that patients came here from far distances, some even from Rajsthan. The routine OPD was around 300 patients/day. I was new to this organisation. My senior doctor had left the organisation after a service of about 27 years. He was a most respectable person for me as he passed his whole life caring for the poor sick people & had put up a dispensary and brought it to such a level. At present, what I have achieved as a General Practitioner is thanks to what I have learnt from him.

While working for about 3 months, I had suspected that something was wrong in an accounting matter. After a random search of few opd cases, I found that there were discrepancies in accounts registers reaching upto Rs.45000/- within 3 months. My wife was worried because the dispensary was far from the village & wondered who will help if something goes wrong. The responsible person came to know that I have found out something that may harm him. He came with local leader/relative of the village to my house at night & insisted that I stop such activity. He told me that the trustee may be happy for once & ultimately a “Use & Throw” matter will be faced by you. He offered me Rs.50000/- (a big amount for me) to stop the matter. But I refused to accept the same.

Next in turn, I told the honorable president. He heard me & told me to show the true documented evidences. The president was a famous business man in Ahmedabad & a native of that village. As a president, he never visited the village since last 20 years. He called up a meeting of the other trustees at the dispensary. I presented more than 500 case papers that I had sorted out & asked them to pick up as much as they wish. They picked up a few forms and I showed them what was wrong. Ultimately, they suspended the accused. The detailed investigation of the last 10 years was carried out & a theft of about Rs. 27 lacs was discovered.

The trustee took my insurance of 1 lac rupee because I was doing home visits at any time for sick people. I have worked there for about 3 years. Within that period, one of  the relatives of the accused had tried to finish me. I have left the organization for a better prospect, but villagers & trustees were not ready to accept my resignation.

I was so happy that we have received a healthy baby boy after 3 abortions that my wife suffered. We believe that the child is a gift from God and blessings of all those poor people who I served. None of the gynecologists we referred to told us that we will be parents in the future considering the problems that my wife faced during her pregnancy period.

I believe that my son is an award from God that I received due to my HONESTY and the prayers of my patients.

Contributed By: Dr.Hitendra Patel, Sr. Medical Officer, Birla Copper, Hindalco Ind. Ltd. Dahej. Gujarat.   hitendra.patel@adityabirla.com

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